Quote1.png Behold the Stronghold of Count Abyss! Quote2.png
-- Adam Warlock

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Synopsis for "Abyss"

Warlock consults the Orb of Eternity for information on Count Abyss. The Orb grants him a vision of Abyss' origin as an ambitious archeologist that sought and found the long-lost Zalkor, a powerful but immobile god that granted one unlimited wishes in exchange for their soul and the service of feeding him his addictively narcotic skrimblatt. Abyss used the power of Zalkor to conquer his home dimension and now seeks Warlock's Soul Gem to restore the one thing he had to give up.

Armed with the knowledge of Abyss' homeworld, Warlock uses Pip's teleportation ability to transport the Infinity Wtch to the outskirts of Abyss' fortress. They believe they have the element of surprise on their side, but as soon as they arrive, someone else is already standing behind them.


  • Last Issue by Jim Starlin
  • only Darklore's feet are seen on the last page.

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