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Quote1.png Do you truly believe that anyone or anything can catch Abyss unawares? Quote2.png
Count Abyss

Appearing in "Heart and Soul"

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Synopsis for "Heart and Soul"

The Infinity Watch is alarmed by the appearance of Darklore and Meer'lyn, but Warlock vouches for them as allies, and so the group splits up to infiltrate Count Abyss' stronghold. Abyss isn't caught off guard, however. With the power of Zalkor, he is able to appear in multiple places at once and defeat the invaders by turning their own powers against them. Drax is enfeebled, Pip's teleportation malfunctions and leaves him trapped, Meer'lyn is crushed, leaving Darklore with no conduit to control his magic, Moondragon loses a mental battle and Abyss' dark energy robs her of her senses, Maxam has his mind wiped, and Gamora is frozen in time through the power of her gem. Finally, after imprisoning all his allies, Abyss beats Warlock and rips the Soul Gem from his forehead to achieve his total victory.


  • Letter's Credit for "many hands"

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