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Quote1.png That very Question is Answer enough, Brother Autolycus. The Unity of Soul World is corrupted! We have all been soreley injured. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Carnival of Souls"

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Synopsis for "Carnival of Souls"

As Count Abyss begins to draw souls from the Soul Gem, the yet living Meer'lyn infiltrates the dungeon to deliver Darklore's hidden talisman and give him and Warlock a chance to escape, the rest of the Infinity Watch still being incapacitated by Abyss' curses. Though not the ideal situation, Darklore did anticipate an advantage to be gained should Abyss acquire the Soul Gem, if only that the prize was consuming the all-powerful despot's attention. Darklore, Meer'lyn, and Warlock get the drop on Abyss and manage to return the Soul Gem to Warlock's hand. Before Abyss can take it back, Warlock offers to give him just what he wants, and regretfully channels the soul of Kray-Tor from Soul World into the vacancy of Count Abyss. With a soul comes a conscience, and thus regret over his countless atrocities. Abyss flees to the Zalkor but finds that holding a soul means he's no longer recognized as its servant. Warlock and Darklore take advantage of Abyss' disorientation to beat him and drive him through a portal generated by Darklore's talisman into a distant dimension where he'll be powerless in exile and the Zalkor left with no one to feed it. At the last moment, Warlock recovers Kray-Tor's soul to return to Soul World, but Kray-Tor is unfortunately left traumatized by his inadvertent participation in Warlock's plan.

Afterwards, Darklore restores the Watch and the inhabitants of Abyss' universe, though it seems the love potion's effects could not be reversed. Nonetheless, Warlock and Maya tearfully part ways as she and Darklore are married to take their place on the throne of that world.

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