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Quote1.png Even if I were not a Man of my Word, even if I were inclined to break my Alliance with the Mole Man, do you think I could ever trust a Man who seizes Power so unscrupulously as you? Do you take for a Fool? Quote2.png
Adam Warlock

Appearing in "Citizen Tyrannus"

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Synopsis for "Citizen Tyrannus"

Tyrannus wants to replace Mole Man as the ruler of Monster Isle and Warlock's benefactor, and he's developed a device to sonically disrupt Mole Man's rapport with Subterranea's monsters to turn his most powerful assets against him. Mole Man is helpless and worries that the better-looking Tyrannus would make a more attractive ally to Adam. However, when the Infinity Watch is drawn into the conflict, Warlock makes his loyalty clear and an all-out fight against Tyrannus' forces breaks out. Warlock, Pip, and Moondragon combine the effects of their Gems to reach Drax with a psychic beacon. Drax, along with his monster friends busy terrorizing people they mean to save, returns to the island once he realizes the Watch still needs him. Once he arrives, Drax's empathic link to the monsters overrides Tyrannus' control over them and the tide of battle quickly turns. Tyrannus retreats and the day is saved. Although Warlock continues to see a mysterious vision of someone calling him for help.

Meanwhile in Pittsburgh, an unassuming man approaches a brutish mugger, offering great riches and asking for trust. When he agrees, the man places his hand on the mugger's chest and with a flare of mystic energy, rips out a small object leaving the mugger to fall over dead.

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