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Quote1.png Yes, of course. It is the only Way. The Gem shall show me the Truth. Quote2.png
Adam Warlock

Appearing in "Body... and Soul!"

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Synopsis for "Body... and Soul!"

Warlock thinks the apparition he keeps seeing is an hallucination resulting from his longing for Maya until it finally comes into focus as Firelord, who tells the story that he was brooding on an alien world when a friendly man approached him and tore out his life force as soon as he granted him his trust. Agreeing to help, Warlock takes Firelord's ghost into the Soul Gem and then has Pip teleport the Infinity Watch to the location of the killer as his image was provided through Firelord's memories. They end up in Pittsburgh and the killer tries to run away at first, but when cornered reveals himself as Zakaius, executioner of sinners. He says that Warlock has been marked for death and unleashes his mystic might to battle the Watch. When one of Zakaius' stray energy bolts accidentally ignites a fuel truck, he suddenly stops, horrified at what he's done.

Meanwhile on the alien world of Luarei, the locals discover the corpse of Firelord and believe he resembles ancient royalty, leading them to prepare the appropriate funeral rites.


  • Kray-Tor is doubting his place in Soulworld after his traumatic experience in issue Vol 1 33. Firelord also suspects something is slightly off with Soulworld which may be due to the events of the same story.

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