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Quote1.png Zakaius! You did this! Your reckless insolence in Combat cost these People their Homes... nearly their Lives! Quote2.png
Adam Warlock

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Synopsis for "Convert"

After witnessing the Infinity Watch rescuing the innocent people he endangered with his explosion, Zakaius comes to believe that it was wrong to target them as sinners and doubts his mission. He explains to them his task to take the life force runes from his victims and deliver them to his Lord, Domitian. If they want Firelord's life force back, they will have to go see Domitian in person. Zakaius mystically transports the Infinity Watch to Domitian's world, but the aged and feeble religious leader has no interest in hearing Zakaius' appeal. The team is forced to fight past Domitian's bodyguard, Kaef, as well as a small army of automated cyborg slaves. Finally, Domitian taps into his hoard of life force runes to grow to hulking proportions and enters the fray himself.

Meanwhile on Luarei, the locals attempt to cremate Firelord's remains.

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