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Drax the Destroyer

Appearing in "Domitian over All"

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  • Holy Palace of Lord Domitian
  • Luarei



Synopsis for "Domitian over All"

During the battle with Domitian, Moondragon scans his mind to determine the secret of his strength. Zakaius and the Watch realize he's using the life force runes as fuel and every moment of effort consumes a life that could otherwise be restored. Domitian blasts Moondragon in retaliation, nearly killing her and setting Drax off in a rage in response. Warlock tries to make Drax calm down and directs the battle to avoid engaging Domitian directly in an effort to slow down his consumption of runes. Pip and Zakaius teleport into the control room to find a way to sever the link, but they have to get through Kaef first. Pip gives Kaef the runaround until he notices Domitian about to attack Warlock outside, then teleports Kaef into the path of the blast, stunning Domitian when he realizes he killed his own bodyguard. Zakaius then destroys Domitian's machines, causing him to revert to his helpless gaunt form. Afterwards, Zakaius agrees to take on the task of restoring the life force runes to the victims that he can, starting with Firelord. Warlock transfers Firelord's soul to his rune, causing it to fly off to return to his body.

Meanwhile on Luarei, the locals are astonished to find that Firelord's body was completely undamaged by his funeral bier and come to believe he is actually a god. They entomb the body and the child that first found the body keeps the staff as a holy relic. When Firelord's soul returns, it possesses the staff first, which flies towards the tomb, drawing the attention of the child and the other locals. When Firelord is resurrected and flies off into the heavens, they believe they are witnessing an incredible miracle.


  • Moondragon's badly injured in this issue.

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