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Quote1.png They suffered from a conflict between duty and conscience. I exploited that weakness to its fullest. And may the heavens forgive me. Quote2.png
Adam Warlock

Appearing in "They"

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  • Embodiment of pure Hatred (see Notes)
  • They
  • Omega

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Synopsis for "They"

While fighting They, Warlock's Soul Gem lashes out and absorbs the essence of one of the invaders. Through the cyborg's memories, he learns that a mysterious armored being called the Omega saved twelve people from the demise of Counter-Earth and turned them into the cyborgs of They, programming them to seek and assassinate the High Evolutionary. Before They get a chance to accomplish their task, Warlock presents himself to them, reminding them of the time he died for their sins as Counter-Earth's savior and orders them not to harm the High Evolutionary. The conflict between faith and duty in They's mechanical minds causes their heads to explode. Warlock, feeling guilty over exploiting their reverence for him, swears to take the fight to Omega to avenge them.

Meanwhile, the Omega attacks Moondragon and Gamora's spaceship and uses an ultrasonic weapon to incapacitate them. He captures them just as he had Pip and Drax.


  • The memories Warlock gained from the Attackers are from Marvel Two-In-One # 61, 62 and 63.
  • He also learns that Counter-Earth was destroyed by Thanos during Infinity Gauntlet and that the attackers are twelve survivors of Counter-Earth saved by the mysterious Omega and turned by him into the embodiment of pure hatred.
  • Warlock tells Nobilus in whose care he left the Infinity Gems and Warlock is horrified as he realizes to whom he gave the Reality Gem.

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