Quote1.png All right, lady. You want a fight, you'll get one. Could be you need a little reminder of the last time we tangled. Quote2.png
-- Maxam

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Synopsis for "Things Fall Apart"

Since Moondragon is left in critical condition after the battle with Domitian, the Infinity Watch meets to discuss who should protect the Mind Gem until she recovers. Maxam points out he's the obvious choice and hopes possessing the Gem can help him recover his memories. Gamora still distrusts Maxam and argues against it. When Maxam suggests Warlock make a decision and Gamora will just go along with it out of puppy love, Gamora lashes out and attempts to settle things with Maxam once and for all. As Warlock and Pip watch the brutal fight with helpless disappointment, Drax lurches into the hall semi-possessed by Moondragon who wants to show she can still accomplish her duty despite her condition. At Warlock's request, she attempts to mentally pacify the combatants, but first she needs to fully center herself in Drax's mind. This has an unexpected side-effect as her memories combining with Drax's buried Arthur Douglas identity starts to revert them both to their original personas. Moondragon loses control and nearly destroys the castle with a telekinetic storm before she's able to calm down. While not the ideal method, it still ends the fight. Warlock chastises Gamora for her behavior and she can't stand that he effectively takes Maxam's side. She also comes to realize Adam has changed too much since their time in Soulworld together. Fed up, Gamora quits the Infinity Watch and throws the Time Gem in Warlock's face. Later, Maxam is made the Time Gem's guardian by default. When alone in his room, he tentatively places the Gem on his forehead not knowing what's to come. To his horror, his memories come flooding back.

Elsewhere, Thanos once more starts to feel the sting of his past failures and dreams again of acquiring ultimate power. With the Reality Gem in his hand, he believes he finally has the plan to move forward.

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