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Quote1.png Because I can't stand being here, Pip. I want to be far, far away from this place. Far away from that dirtbag Maxam! And far from Adam. Quote2.png
-- Gamora

Appearing in "The Past is Waiting"

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Synopsis for "The Past is Waiting"

Gamora has Pip teleport her to southern California where she plans to eventually join Force Works, but takes her time out in the desert in a maudlin mood. Before she can head to town, she's approached by Thanos offering to renew their partnership. Pip heads to New York to drown his sorrows at a bar, but sees on the news that a tropical storm threatens Monster Island. Back at the castle, the mentally restored Maxam suddenly attacks Warlock to fulfill his mysterious mission. Moondragon senses it and piggybacks on Warlock's mind to help. Realizing her powers suddenly work on Maxam, she mentally assaults him giving Warlock an opening to knock him out with a Karmic Blast. From there, Moondragon scans Maxam's newly open memories and realizes he comes from a distant future where the Magus has nearly wiped out all life in the universe and killing Warlock in the present may still prevent that timeline from coming to pass. Since he was temporally displaced, it was the Time Gem that finally brought his mind fully into the present, allowing psychic powers to work on him. Before they can determine what to do with him, Pip returns to warn them about the tidal waves that are about to consume the island.


  • This story happens concurrently with Atlantis Rising. The events of that crossover are causing environmental turmoil throughout the Atlantic Ocean, which will ultimately destroy the Infinity Watch's island home.
  • When Thanos greets Gamora, he responds to something she was thinking but not saying out loud. It's likely Gamora's line was meant to be in a speech bubble instead of a thought balloon rather than Thanos demonstrating telepathic abilities.

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