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Quote1.png Let the carefully controlled might of time, space, the mind and power come to life. Step forward and present yourself... for you are now my slave! Quote2.png
Omega introducing the Infinity Thrall

Appearing in "Old Foes"

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Synopsis for "Old Foes"

Warlock returns to the world where he assembled the Infinity Watch to find that they've all since left without a trace. Psychically contacting the holder of the Reality Gem for information, he learns that they've been abducted by the Omega and are being held in a ship above Earth's orbit. Warlock goes to infiltrate the ship and finds it manned by various soldiers in animalistic armor. He gets in a particularly fierce battle against one that boasts having defeated Warlock in the past. When Warlock eventually defeats and unmasks his opponent, he recognizes him as Triax the Terrible and realizes his master the Omega must in turn be the Man-Beast. Just then, Man-Beast appears alongside the results of his experiment to use machines to control the power of the Infinity Gems through the captive members of the Infinity Watch -- a large, monstrous creature formed of cosmic energy he calls his Infinity Thrall.


  • Omega is revealed to be the Man-Beast and the armored figure from Issue #3 who abducted Pip is revealed to be Triax the Terrible.
  • Warlock, again, has doubts about his choices for whom he took as Guardians of the Infinity Gems especially that of the Reality Gem.

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