Quote1.png Kill Adam Warlock! Quote2.png
-- Man-Beast

Appearing in "Revenge of the Beast"

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  • Man-Beast's Spaceship

Synopsis for "Revenge of the Beast"

Warlock fights a hopeless battle against Man-Beast's Infinity Thrall until he realizes it only exists because the ship's machines are drawing from the Infinity Gems. He then leads the creature around so the collateral damage from the fight disables the ship's engines, dispelling the Thrall and forcing Man-Beast and Triax to flee their doomed vessel. As the ship crashes to Earth, Warlock finds he is too weak from his last gambit to manage an escape, but thankfully the rest of the Infinity Watch recovers in time to teleport everyone out. The ship falls into the ocean and explodes as the newly reunited team rests on a nearby beach.


  • Pip suggests that the Watch stay together as a team to best protect the Infinity Gems

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