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Adam Warlock
What is it you seek, Titan?
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Your aid.
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Appearing in "The Island!"

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Synopsis for "The Island!"

The Infinity Watch soon realize they've ended up on Monster Isle in the Bermuda Triangle. Mole Man and a horde of giant monsters greet them, but Mole Man doesn't want them as enemies, rather he offers them the use of the island's castle as their home base in exchange for their friendship. After some assurances that the Infinity Watch will have autonomy on the island and that Mole Man's conquering days are behind him, Warlock and his team accept the offer. Before they have any chance to settle in, however, they're visited by Thanos, who has come seeking Warlock's help.


  • Part of the Infinity War Crossover. The final scene in this issue also appears in Infinity War #2 and the Infinity Watch's story continues there and into Infinity War #3. The next issue of this series picks up during Infinity War #3.

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