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Thanos upon the arrival of the heroes

Appearing in "Interlude"

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Synopsis for "Interlude"

Thanos and the Infinity Watch observe a column of energy. The Titan explains it is a relay junction. Before they can trace the energy source, they must wait for his scanners to recalibrate. Thanos and Warlock briefly share their memories of holding the Infinity Gauntlet.

Gamora has a sudden precognitive vision through her Time Gem. She sees Warlock crucified, and a gauntleted hand reaching towards him.

Thanos and Moondragon discuss her abilities with the Mind Gem, and her complex relationship with Drax.

Thanos' Doppelganger informs the Magus that the expeditionary force is on its way.

Gamora tells Warlock about her psychic vision. She then spars with Thanos. Drax cannot tell if they are "really fighting, or just messing around," but in the end they smile and compliment each other.

Pip and Warlock discuss the latter's lack of good and evil.

Right when the team tries to depart, the expeditionary force arrives and surrounds them.



  • Moondragon tells Thanos that she can't read the minds of the Infinity Watch and notices, that she can't read Thanos' mind, as well laying another hint that Thanos is the protector of the Reality Gem. Thanos just answers "Of course not. I am Thanos."

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