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The unnamed first child of Nathaniel Richards and his wife Cassandra is mostly a mystery. Nathaniel was a time traveler from an alternate Earth designated Earth-616. When he came to Earth-6311—dubbed Other-Earth—he helped revitalize that world as the Caretaker. Richards then took his wife Cassandra who begat him two children: this boy,[4] and a daughter named Tara.[3][5]

While Nathaniel was otherwise occupied with his new son, Cassandra secretly terrorized the outside world as the Warlord, making it look like her husband was really the tyrant.[6] However, the Earth-616 heroes known as the Fantastic Four—whose leader, Mister Fantastic, was Nathaniel's son from a previous marriage—arrived looking for Nathaniel. The group exposed Cassandra's duplicity ending in her death. Nathaniel parted company with the Fantastic Four to raise his infant son.[4]

Although Nathaniel has been seen many times since, the fate of this child is unknown. It has been implied that this baby is the ancestor of the 30th century's Nathaniel Richards, who later went on to be various time-traveling heroes, villains, and conquerors such as Iron Lad, Kid Immortus, Rama-Tut, Scarlet Centurion, Kang, and Immortus.

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