Many years ago, the mutant named Sir. James Jasper had the power to warp reality into anything he desired. This ability slowly drove him insane and even though he was already a high ranking political official, sought to conquer his native United Kingdom and the rest of the whole as well. As a result of his mad scheme Mad Jim Jaspers unleashed his warp power onto the world and changed it to become what he wanted it to be.[1]

Mad Jim Jaspers was apposed by Captain Britain and his allies, Betsy Braddock, Tom Lennox, Alison Double, Captain UK and the exiled Saturnyne. After a lengthy battle the group prevailed and Jaspers was defeated and killed by the Fury and world was once again restored to what it had been before.[2]

However, there was an unexpected side effect to Jaspers' reality warp, the creation of the Warpies. The Warpies are young humans mutated by after effects of the reality warp. Many of them developed powerful and often uncontrolled abilities which often led to their deaths. Other Warpies possessed benign powers, however, their mutated genomes were still effecting their lives.

Even though the majority of the Warpies were mutated in London, there were some who came from the outlaying districts and surrounding countryside. The majority of these young people were found and collected by agents of the R.C.X., while a few others escaped detection and formed another group in the streets of London. The R.C.X., led by Agent Peter wanted to use the children as super-human operatives, but he was apposed by another faction of the government agency led by Agent Michael and his fellow agents, Agent Gabriel, Agent Raphael and a few others.[3]

Agent Raphael led her refugee army in the middle of the night to Braddock Manor, where Agents Michael and Gabriel were already laying the ground work for their protection.[3] There the children stayed under the care of the Braddocks and Jeeves until they were attacked by other R.C.X. agents and taken to the Cloud Nine facility located in Liverpool.[4]

At Cloud Nine, Agent Peter and his staff ruled over the Warpies with an iron grip, dividing them into teams either for combat or for support of the facility. This division was highly one sided and completely unfair to the Warpies who did all the work, but reaped next to none of the benefits.

Some time later they were eventually depowered and returned to normal by Captain Britain using the Sword of Might.[5]

Later, some other Warpies appeared in Africa, in the village of Karere in Mbangawi, with the emergence of an alternate Jim Jaspers. [6]

R.C.X.'s Warpies teams

Other Warpies teams

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