The Black Warpsmiths arose several thousand years ago. They developed the ‘derma-circuitry’ that allows Warpsmiths to teleport, and created, or birthed, all of the other Warpsmiths.

Conflict with the Qys and the fate of planet Earth

The Warpsmiths had a long rivalry with the Qys, with death being the usual solution to their conflicts. This rivalry ended when the Qys went to Earth to eliminate the Miracleman and his companions that were created with technology stolen from them by Doctor Gargunza. The Qys that came to Earth decided not to kill Miracleman and his companions after learning that he had a daughter. That daughter, Winter, was actually a Human/Qys Hybrid, and not a modified human like the Miracleman himself. This made them think of her as an actual being and not just an unintelligent beast. The fact that Qys aren't able to reproduce, yet a new Qys was born, also spiked their interest.

After that, Miracleman and Miraclewoman were taken to the Qys homeworld to have a meeting with its Kingqueen and their enemies the Warpsmiths, in that meeting Miraclewoman proposed that they cease hostilities and use Earth as a place of relaxation, as well as a place where they could join their cultures. The Qys and Warpsmiths agreed, the Qys appointed Miracleman and Miraclewoman as their observers, while the Warpsmiths sent Aza Chorn and Phon Mooda as theirs.


Aging and Reproduction

For some unknown reason at a certain point in their history the Warpsmiths became infertile. They seem to be immortal though, or at least have an extremely lengthy lifespan, since many of them seem to have lived for millennia without any apparent signs of aging.


Warpsmiths culture has a rigid caste system, with each member's role in life defined by his or her color:

  • Black: the first four Warpsmiths
  • Blue: artists
  • Grey: diplomats
  • Red: workers
  • White: warriors

Powers and Abilities


Teleportation : The Warpsmiths can teleport themselves and others to anywhere instantly.


Time Traveling : They are able to time travel thanks to their technology.


Habitat: Hod


Level of Technology: Advanced
Cultural Traits: Warpsmiths are bisexual and live in cluster families of three husbands and three wives.
Representatives: Black Warpsmiths; Aza Chorn (deceased); Phon Mooda

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