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On Earth-58163 (the altered reality created by the Scarlet Witch of Earth-616), Sir Warren Traveler was once a Sorcerer Supreme in the service of the King of England.[1] He greatly enhanced his power by replacing his right eye with the Eye of Watoomb (the remnant of his world's Wand of Watoomb), which he located at a magic shop in Hell's Kitchen. After acquiring the Eye, Traveler went on a rampage that was stopped by Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers), who punched him into submission.

Throughout the following seven years, Traveler continually attacked Captain Marvel in order to get revenge on her to no avail,[3] leading up to a confrontation in which she thwarted his attack by throwing a "Flerken


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Magic: Sir Warren Traveler is a skilled sorcerer, capable of casting a wide variety of spells, including but not limited to:

  • Flight: Traveler is capable of propelling himself through the air.[1]
  • Energy Manipulation: Traveler can generate, control, and manipulate various types of energy.[1][5]
    • Energy Blasts: Traveler can fire powerful energy bolts from his hands.[1][3]
    • Solid Energy Constructs: Traveler is capable of turning the energy he generates from his hands into magical constructs shaped in the form of animals, be them fantastical or not. Thus far he was shown to have summoned a dragon, a bull,[1] and a manticore.[3]
  • Time-Travel: One of Traveler's spells allows him to jump around in time within a specified reality. Originally, he could only travel a few seconds forward or back with each jump,[1] but his acquisition of a complete Wand of Watoomb increased that to years.[4]
  • Dimensional Travel: Thanks to the Eye of Watoomb, Traveler can access alternate realities and (presumably) even separate dimensions within them.[1][5][2]


Insanity: The more magic Traveler uses, the crazier he gets. Doctor Strange theorized that's due to him being out of sync with the magic forces he was once attuned to.[5]



Eye of Watoomb: The last piece of the Wand of Watoomb from Traveler's home reality. It augments his powers considerably and allows him to access other realities.[3][2]

Wand of Watoomb: Besides enhancing Traveler's magical powers to great lengths, the Wand also makes it easier for him to access other realities and keeps his mind stable enough for him to handle his powers, creating in him a certain dependence for the item.[4][2]


  • It's unclear whether Traveler was really the Sorcerer Supreme of Earth-58163 or just the chief sorcerer of its Earth. There's also the possibility that "Sorcerer Supreme" was simply a title bestowed upon him.[2]
  • Greatly resembles Judas Traveler and may be a counterpart of his.

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