A young man in his early twenties, Warren Worthington probably graduated from Harvard early with honors before going on to help his father run a multi-billion dollar industry. Warren was well-connected and well-travelled, and he enjoyed his life, until one day his mutation activated and he grew wings. He began to withdraw from the things he enjoyed, although because of who he was this did not go unnoticed. He could not disappear entirely, but had no idea how to move forward.[1] He took to wearing a mask and acting like an 'angel', rescuing people from life-threatening situations in New York City. He was approached by Magneto to be one of his Acolytes,[2] although Magneto wanted him more for his financial power than his mutation.[1] After meeting Cyclops and Rogue, Warren refused Magneto's offer, but also declined their offer of joining the X-Men.[2]

Despite this, he later helped finance the re-building of the Xavier Mansion[1] after its destruction.[3] He also came to the X-Men for help when Gambit stole half of an ancient spider key from Warren's country estate, and helped them try to stop Mesmero.[4] After the rising of Apocalypse, he also joined Kitty's squad in Mexico to fight Magneto, who had been turned into one of Apocalypse's Horsemen.[5]

In the final scene of the series, he was seen in the group photo of the X-Men outside Xavier's Institute.


Seemingly, those of Warren Worthington III (Earth-616)#Powers.


Seemingly, those of Warren Worthington III (Earth-616)#Abilities



  • Voiced by Mark Hildreth.
  • Warren appeared in four episodes of X-Men: Evolution.
  • His outfit bares a strong resemblance to his appearance as the Avenging Angel in the comics

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