Quote1.png Even a Mutant blessed with the gift of flight cannot remain aloft forever. Quote2.png
-- Apocalypse on Angel


Warren Worthington III used his considerable wealth and status as a mutant to create Heaven, a nightclub that catered to humans and mutants alike and was one of the few neutral grounds in Apocalypse's territory. He was known for providing information to all sides of a given conflict if the price is right. He always welcomed members of the Elite Mutant Force as honored guests, and in once instance had ordered all their drinks on the house.[1]

When Gambit came to Heaven seeking the location of the X-Men's hideout, Angel and his aid Karma provided it to him, unaware that they were being spied upon by Sebastian Shaw.[2] When Nightcrawler sought out Angel to make arrangements to travel to Avalon, Worthington initially refused to help, telling Kurt that he had gone "legit" and stopped aiding known terrorists. Kurt beat Angel until he changed his mind and told the X-Man how he could reach the hidden refuge.[3]

A short time later, members of the Elite Mutant Force came for some relaxation at Heaven. Prelate Havok gave Worthington a warning about aiding rebels, after hearing that Gambit had previously been in his establishment. Havok romanced Angel's lounge singer Scarlett McKenzie, a practice that was against the law, while completely unaware that she was secretly a spy for the Human High Council.[4] Shortly after, Karma was captured by Apocalypse and forced to provide information regarding the location of the X-Men's hideout.[5] At the same time, Warren met with Prelate Cyclops and the Bedlam Brothers upon hearing that Sinister had defected, and to address his concerns over a looming war between Apocalypse and the Human High Council.[6]

When Scarlet was outed as a spy, the Bedlam Brothers came to arrest her. Warren stood back and allowed her to be taken away. The Brothers warned Warren that with the discovery that Scarlett and Karma were both spies, his days of immunity were likely over.[7] With Karma missing and Scarlett arrested, Warren began to wonder what he should do about his current situation. He was attacked by Quicksilver, who had come seeking information as to where Apocalypse had taken Magneto and Bishop. Angel explained to Quicksilver, for free, that Magneto was a prisoner in Apocalypse's stronghold while Bishop was being held in the Tabernacle by the Madri in Quebec.[8]

Hearing that Karma had been taken to the Holding Pens, Angel forced his way in and found her barely clinging to life. After learning that she had "helped" Apocalypse for free, she died in his arms. Furious, Angel attacked Apocalypse's citadel. He did not fare very well and was blasted out of the air, killing him instantly. Warren's death was not in vain, as his diversion would allowed X-Man to sneak into Apocalypse's citadel.[9]


Seemingly those of the Warren Worthington III of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Warren Worthington III of Earth-616.

Strength level

Seemingly that of the Warren Worthington III of Earth-616.

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