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Quote1 Savior... killer... harbinger of hope or destruction. I am unsure who-- or what-- I am. But I'd like to find out. Quote2

Warren Worthington III is a millionaire playboy as well as a mutant gifted with wings that allow him to soar into the skies as the high-flying Angel of the first class of X-Men.[4] Parallel to his angelic persona, Worthington also operates as the death machine named Archangel.[35] Wishing to put his abilities to help those in need, Angel started to avenge crime by himself as a vigilante before being found by Professor Xavier and recruited to his X-Men.[36] He stood by the X-Men in times of need, until departing after no longer recognizing Xavier's dream in face of aggressive new mutants joining his class.[37][38] Wishing to finance super heroics, he was also an inestimable supporter and founder of the Champions,[39] the Defenders[40] and X-Factor.[41]

Ironically, Angel met the dark nature of mutantkind in himself. His business in X-Factor led him to be betrayed by his close but envious friend Cameron Hodge, which cost him his blessed wings.[42] Vulnerable without his powers, Angel was corrupted by the eternal mutant Apocalypse, who replaced his wings with poisonous metallic blades to have him serve as his most lethal Horseman.[35] As an instrument of death, Worthington rejoined his long-time friends in X-Factor as Archangel, although he was forever scarred by the transformation.[43] During a slow recovery, Archangel reestablished his life and even became one of Xavier's most valuable allies by helping mutants in the corporate world through X-Corp.[44]

The Archangel persona resurfaced as Worthington allied himself with the killing squad aimed at targeting enemies of mutantkind at all costs, X-Force,[45] which led to the controversial murder of Apocalypse.[46] His death triggered the Death Seed in Archangel's body, ascending the latter as the next evolutionary caretaker and head of Clan Akkaba.[47][11] X-Force combated Archangel; however, the Life Seed erased his mind completely, forcing him to restart his life as a new person.[22] In due time, he fully recovered, harmonizing his two identities.[48][49] After mutantkind resettled on the nation of Krakoa,[50] Worthington resumed his activities as an influential businessman in X-Corp, moving his wealth and assets to protect his race.[51]


This is an abridged version of Warren Worthington III's history. For a complete history see Warren Worthington III's Expanded History
Warren Worthington III (Earth-616) as the Avenging Angel from X-Men Vol 1 55


Early Life[]

Warren Kenneth Worthington III is the mutant son of the wealthy Warren K. Worthington Jr. and his wife Kathryn, neither of whom were aware[52] that their son had developed a pair of large feathered wings extending from his back enabling him to fly.[53] On the other hand, Doctor Stuart, who delivered him, immediately spotted the distortion of his shoulder blades and guessed what he would become.[52] Warren attended many boarding schools, such as Fairburn Boys School. At some point, Warren began dating Amanda Cobb. Warren first began his superhero career after a fire broke out in his dorm at Phillips Academy in Exeter, New Hampshire. Warren disguised himself with a wig and a nightshirt and lowered two students to safety with a rope. Warren also saved a fellow student Cameron Hodge from a bully and made a lifelong "friend".[41]

Angel: Revelations[]

Warren broke up with his girlfriend Amanda Cobb in fear she would find out about his wings. An evil priest known as the hunter, obsessed with killing mutants, tracked Warren down but was eventually defeated by Warren.[54]


Marvels Vol 1 2 Textless

An X-Man

Warren briefly became a costumed superhero known as the Avenging Angel.[10] He caught the attention of Professor X, who recruited him as the third of five founding members of the X-Men, along with Cyclops, Iceman, Beast, and Marvel Girl.[4] At Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters the X-Men were tutored by Professor X and trained in the use of their powers in the Danger Room.[55] During his time in class, Warren was a carefree student, often flying-off during Prof. Xavier's lessons and in public. Warren would conceal his mutation with a harness that Xavier created. Though Warren was initially attracted to Marvel Girl, he spent much of his time dating Candy Southern.[56][57]

Iron Man[]

When the Angel had another personality shift following exposure to radiation unleashed by a test by Stark Industries, the armored hero Iron Man dealt with the danger posed by the Angel until he reverted back to normal.[58]


Beast from the future traveled to their time in order to inform them that the future was in a bad state, and that only the original X-Men could help fix it. Despite Warren's reluctance, the team accompanied Beast to a future where Cyclops had killed Charles Xavier, and Jean Grey was dead as well (with the school now named after her). After the team had confronted the future Cyclops and helped save the life of the future Beast, the team (under Jean's leadership) decided to stay. Warren was the most reluctant on this decision, believing it could only lead to disaster (and also didn't want to know anything about his future self). Despite this, he agreed to stay until the problems in the time were solved.[59]

All-New X-Men Vol 1 29 Textless

Later, Warren did meet his future self and was incredibly confused as to how he had become this way (particularly about his metal wings). Meeting his future self, and the fact that no one was willing to explain to him why he had come to be that way, Warren panicked and attempted to return to his time alone. Jean Grey used her powers to alter Warren's emotions and calm him down, to the dismay of the other X-Men.[60]

Despite this, Warren continued to doubt the mission of his fellow X-Men, and the future School, doubting the truth of future Beast's statements of impending mutant genocide at the hands of future Cyclops. When future Cyclops and his X-Men came to the School to look for recruits, Warren decided to join them,[61] telling the others that they were the only ones fighting for mutantkind in this future.[62]

The rest of the team later joined Cyclops' team as well, following the conflict between Wolverine's X-Men and the future versions of the X-Men and Brotherhood at Cape Citadel.[63] Not long after becoming members of Cyclops's school, the young X-Men invited X-23 into their ranks after saving her from the mutant-hating religious group named Purifiers.[64] X-23 and Angel hit it off, and started an amorous relationship.[65]

Black Vortex[]

After retrieving the Black Vortex from his father, Mister Knife, Star-Lord and Kitty Pryde gathered both the Guardians of the Galaxy and the X-Men at Spartax to decide what to do with such a powerful item. The heroes were tracked down by Mister Knife's cosmically-empowered Slaughter Lords and overpowered.[66]

Unbelievable Gwenpool Vol 1 14 ResurrXion Variant Textless

Gamora submitted to the Black Vortex in order to face the Slaughter Lords, and be able to escape to Spartax's moon with her allies.[67] Beast and Angel submitted to the Black Vortex, and accompanied Gamora in a journey to attempt to empower the entire universe.[68] However, at the first planet they stopped they were assaulted by the Accuser Corps, who took the Vortex from them. In retaliation, they attacked Hala.[69] A cosmically-empowered Ronan managed to force them to flee to a distant planet.[70]

Magik and Rocket Raccoon later tracked them down and talked sense into them, so they could help them fight J'son and his Slaughter Lords.[71] After J'son recovered the Vortex and used its power on Thane to encase the entirety of Spartax in an amber construct,[72] the heroes got the Vortex back and used it on X-Man Kitty Pryde so she could use her now-enhanced phasing powers to phase Spartax through the amber construct and save the planet. Before getting rid of the Vortex, some of the cosmically empowered heroes decided to remove their cosmic powers, Angel wasn't one of them, and he retained a set of fiery wings.[73]

Road Trip[]

Some time after returning to Earth, the young X-Men decided to part ways and lay low for a while with the emergence of a new weave of anti-mutant hysteria and the beginning of the M-Pox crisis. Angel and X-23, going by the alias of Wolverine, went vacationing to Vail, Colorado. They were called in months later by Beast to reunite the X-Men (minus Jean Grey and with the additions of Genesis and Oya), in order to go on a road trip, and help out people across the globe wherever it was needed, with the help of a teleporter Bamf named Pickles.[74]

Once he discovered a way to travel through time, Beast assembled his time-displaced friends to show them an unfortunate side discovery. Travelling to their past, the young mutants found what seemed to be a divergent version of themselves already existing in the period they believed was available for them to return to.[75] The time-displaced X-Men assumed they could stay in the present with no consequences until the collapse of the timestream forced them into a time-hopping adventure that resulted in the young heroes discovering that the divergent versions of themselves in the past were in reality the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants from an alternate future impersonating them to take advantage of the void they left.[76] The young X-Men returned to the future, but with the knowledge that they would ultimately have to return to the exact moment they had left to prevent the Brotherhood from carrying out their plan.[77]

When the time-traveller mutant-hunter Ahab targeted the younger displaced X-Men, threatening to bring forth a dystopian future if he killed one of the five original X-Men, a younger version of the time-travelling warrior Cable set out to send the young mutants to the past on his own. In the process, he captured Angel and cut off his cosmic wings, replacing them with a pair of regular wings extirpated from Mimic so that he could undo the changes Warren had endured while time-displaced. Defeating Ahab in the process, the young X-Men agreed to return to their original time. Before doing so, Jean Grey sealed off the memories of her and her friends' time-displacement, causing them only to resurface on their older selves as soon as their younger selves returned to the past.[78]

Further adventures[]

During one of the X-Men's battles with Magneto the team was defeated and captured, but Warren escaped. On his way to get help from the Avengers he was was attacked by Red Raven. After alerting the Avengers, the X-Men returned home. There, they were ordered to disband by Fred Duncan of the FBI. Returning to live with his parents, Warren continued to sneak out at night and secretly satisfy his need to fight crime and see Candy. While Warren was out on a date with Candy, his father was killed by men working for the villain Dazzler. Overcome with grief, Warren blamed his own absence for his father's murder.[57] Candy was kidnapped by Dazzler's organization as well and when Warren went to rescue her, the Dazzler removed Angel's mask and revealed his identity to both the Dazzler and Candy. Dazzler admitted to actually being Warren's own uncle, Burtram Worthington, having only used Worthington Industries for his campaign of diamond smuggling. Burtram was seemingly killed in the following battle from a great fall. Warren and the X-Men reunited the X-Men soon after.[79]

Warren Worthington III (Earth-616) From X-Men Vol 1 1 0001

Angel taking-off his harness

Sauron, a flying pterodactyl-man, used his hypnotic gaze on Warren, making him attack his fellow X-Men. When Warren's mind cleared, the X-Men had left him behind after following Sauron to the Savage Land. Warren followed and was nearly killed by the flying reptiles there. He was saved by Magneto, who was calling himself the Creator. Warren did not recognize his old enemy without his helmet on and briefly believed the Creator and his mutate creations were allies. Ka-Zar and the other X-Men defeated Magneto and his Mutates.[80]

When Professor Xavier sent the X-Men back to the Savage Land to make sure that Magneto actually perished in their last encounter with him, Warren befriend the Savage Land native Avia, a bird-woman. Angel and Avia were captured by sailors who sold them to a man named Stefan Krueger. The X-Men and Candy Southern came to their rescue, clashing with the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants in the process.[81]

Warren Worthington III (Earth-616) from X-Men Vol 1 49 0001

Angel's second uniform

Candy revealed that Burtram had survived the fall and intended to steal the Worthington family fortune. The X-Men, with Candy, were able to stop the Dazzler's plot, but not before Warren's mother was poisoned by Burtram and his partner, Warren's childhood doctor. His mother died in Warren's arms.[82]

All New All Different X-Men[]

Warren was among the original X-Men that were rescued by Prof. Xavier's new team of X-Men from the island-being Krakoa.[37] Not longer after, Warren and the other original members left the team, leaving Cyclops and Prof. Xavier with a brand new team of X-Men.[83]

Champions of Los Angeles[]

Warren decided to start a college career in Los Angeles and stopped hiding his identity. He inherited his parents' vast wealth[84] as well as membership in the Hellfire Club from his father. Around this time, Warren also set-up a scholarship fund for his original school, Phillips Academy, for mutant students.

While meeting with Iceman on the campus of UCLA, Warren and Bobby Drake were attacked by harpies trying to locate Venus. The two young heroes were joined by Ghost Rider, Black Widow, and Hercules.[39] After a battle with the Huntsman, Hercules and Venus were kidnapped and taken to Mount Olympus.[85] They defeated Pluto and decided to stick together as a team, as the Champions of Los Angeles.[86] Warren bankrolled the group, and they bought a surplus of Avengers' Quinjets, the "Champjet", for team usage.[87] The team was volatile and disbanded after a brief stint.[88]

Master Mold[]

Warren and Candy moved away to Colorado for some time. Bobby took his girlfriend, Terri, to Warren's cabin style mansion and was attacked by Master Mold. After Bobby was captured, Warren flew after him. After battling Doc Samson over Gamma Base, Master Mold awoke the Hulk. The Angel and the Hulk were also captured and taken to the Sentinel Space Station where the Hulk broke free and tore Master Mold into pieces.[89]

Toad the Assassin[]

While at a bar in New York, Warren ran into the Thing and the Human Torch. Warren and Thing were drugged and kidnapped by Toad who had become a hired assassin and was hoping to test his death castle on Warren. After surviving the castle's traps, Warren felt pity on Toad, who did not have the money to pay his contractor. Warren offered to pay Toad to work for him and opened a theme park over the castle called Toadland.[90]

Dark Phoenix Saga[]

Hearing of the problems the X-Men were having with the Hellfire Club, Warren arranged for the X-Men to be invited to a Hellfire Club party. During the party, the Phoenix (who was posing as Jean Grey) fell under Mastermind and the Hellfire Club's control and transformed into the Black Queen. Warren joined the X-Men while they battled the Hellfire Club's Inner Circle and Phoenix underwent another transformation into the Dark Phoenix. Soaring through the universe, she devoured an entire star and the five billion inhabitants of one of its planets. When Phoenix returned to Earth she threatened to kill everyone, but Professor Xavier was able to keep her under control and helped her will herself back to normal. Warren and the X-Men were then teleported away by the Shi'ar. The Shi'ar Empire had witnessed Dark Phoenix consuming the star and the X-Men were forced to battle with the Imperial Guard over Phoenix's fate. The battle triggered her transformation into Dark Phoenix once more and Phoenix understood that she would never be able to fully control the dark hunger inside and sacrificed herself on the Moon.[91]

A Short Return[]

X-Men (Earth-616) and Brotherhood of Evil Mutants (Earth-616) from X-Men Vol 1 141 001

Back with the X-Men

Back on Earth, Warren attended Jean's funeral. Cyclops left for a time so Angel rejoined the team to ensure they were not shorthanded.[92] The X-Men stopped the attempted assassination of Senator Robert Kelly by Mystique's Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.[93] Miss Locke kidnapped Candy in order to force the X-Men to travel to Latveria where they defeated a Doombot to rescue her boss, Arcade. Warren eventually left the X-Men again due to the constant conflict between him and Wolverine.[94]

The Avengers[]

Warren was reunited with Iceman and Beast after he and a group of heroes were manipulated to join the Avengers. Warren felt compelled to display his skill by battling Tigra. It was revealed that Moondragon was manipulating all of them to strengthen the Avengers. After Moondragon reconsidered, Warren departed.[95] Later while Warren and Candy were in his cabin-style mansion, the couple was attacked by Ghost Rider. Aided by the Avengers, Warren was able to calm down his former teammate.[96]

Sauron's Return[]

After Tanya Anderssen, Dr. Karl Lykos' girlfriend, asked him to check if Sauron was alive or not, Warren later found himself in the Savage Land once again aiding Spider-Man in battling the Savage Land Mutates, where Brainchild experimented on him. After Warren and Spider-Man were transformed, Dr. Lykos absorbed their mutant energy and was permanently transformed into Sauron. After Spider-Man left, Warren called the X-Men and they were captured while Warren escaped. Seeking to rescue his friends, Warren and Ka-Zar entered Sauron's citadel and Warren distracted Sauron while Ka-Zar rescued the X-Men.[97]


Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 169

Kidnapped by the Morlocks.

Warren was kidnapped by the underground mutant community called the Morlocks. Their leader Callisto wanted to marry him. He was released after the X-Man Storm defeated Callisto in a duel for leadership of the Morlocks.[98]


Warren found himself pursuing Alison Blaire, aka the Dazzler, who he had been infatuated with since he first met her when they were manipulated by Moondragon into joining the Avengers. Warren wanted to ask her out and butt-in on a date of hers. Alison thought he was a jerk at first until Warren revealed himself as Angel and took her for a flight, which led to a romantic evening. However, after stopping Dr. Octopus from escaping custody, Alison decided she didn't want to get involved with Warren. Warren later attempted to reunite Alison with her mother, but her friend Vanessa Tooks beat him to the act. When the Sisterhood of Evil Mutants (Mystique, Rogue, and Destiny) sought revenge on the X-Men, they attacked Angel so Rogue could absorb his knowledge of the X-Men’s whereabouts from his mind. Alison defeated the trio of villains. Warren began to lay-low, returning to Los Angeles. After getting a call that Alison had been blackmailed to kill a man in Los Angeles, Warren flew to her aid in time to save them from a bullet that the angry blackmailer had fired at them.[99]


After recovering from the bullet wound in his arm, Warren joined his former teammates Beast and Iceman to reorganize the Defenders into a more formal combat organization. After the founding Defenders (Dr. Strange, Prince Namor, the Hulk, and the Silver Surfer) were convinced to leave the team, Warren funded the team and provided his Colorado penthouse as a headquarters.[40] They obtained governmental clearance, thanks to the help of Nick Fury. Later, Candy was asked to lead the squad.[100]

Moondragon, who was possessed by the Dragon of the Moon, seemingly killed most of the members of the Defenders in a climactic battle and the team disbanded.[101]

Warren Worthington III (Earth-616) from Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Vol 2 1 0001

Prototype X-Factor uniform; the final design would feature the white portions forming a large X across the body[41][102]


When he learned that Jean Grey was still alive, Warren joined his former teammates and founding members of the X-Men in the formation of X-Factor. X-Factor intended to seek out and aid other mutants under the pretense of hunting down those perceived menaces to society. The public assumed they were humans hunting mutants, when in fact they were training young mutants in the use of their powers at the X-Factor Complex. The media referred to their non-human guises as X-Terminators. Once again, Warren funded the group and appointed Candy as the Vice President of Worthington Industries. Warren asked his best friend and former college roommate Cameron Hodge to act as the team's PR adviser, unaware that Cameron actually despised mutants and was the leader of the anti-mutant group the Right. Hodge waited for the most propitious moment to strike.[41] The team went-on to battle Apocalypse and his Alliance of Evil.[103]

Reporter Trish Tilby used a tip from Mystique to reveal that Warren, a mutant, was financially backing X-Factor. Candy walked-in on Warren comforting Jean, and walked out on him angrily. As the Marauders began to massacre the Morlocks, Warren had no time to follow her and set things straight.[104]

When Warren attempted to rescue X-Factor's young charge Artie his wings were pinned to the wall by the Marauder Harpoon, after being beaten by Blockbuster and Vertigo.[104] He was rescued by Thor. Hodge planted false evidence that Warren's wings were infected to the point that amputation was necessary. Although Warren objected, Hodge had a court order issued to go through with the amputation.[105]

Distraught by these experiences, Warren attempted to fly one more time in his private jet. Hodge sabotaged his jet and it exploded. It had appeared that Warren had committed suicide and was believed dead, although he had actually been teleported away by Apocalypse.[106]

Death, Horseman Of Apocalypse[]

Warren Worthington III (Earth-616) from X-Factor Vol 1 24 0001

Warren as Death

Warren was brainwashed and began to serve Apocalypse. Apocalypse warped his body and mind into his own "Angel of Death" upon his Celestial Ship and placed him into his team of Horsemen as Death. Warren's skin turned blue. He grew a set of bio-metallic wings from his back that could retract and also fire dart-blades with a neurotoxin. Warren's new wings could fly higher, faster, and were razor sharp.[107]

Apocalypse had the Horsemen battle each other to find the leader, and Death beat them all.[108] As Death, Warren fought the rest of X-Factor and captured them. After X-Factor's defeat, the Horsemen were sent into Manhattan to incite chaos.[9] Warren was shocked back to his senses after Iceman faked his own death at Warren's hands by having him destroy an ice sculpture of Bobby. After their defeat of Apocalypse, his sentient Ship crash-landed on their Complex and X-Factor began living in it. X-Factor was approached by the media, and finally revealed the truth of X-Factor's mutant origins.[109]

Hunting Down Cameron Hodge[]

Unable to face anyone, Warren left the team. Cameron Hodge and the Right kidnapped Candy Southern, eventually killing Candy. Worthington decapitated Hodge in retaliation.[110]


Death later returned to X-Factor as the somber and brooding "Archangel", as Beast called him, to help fight the invading demons. Teaming up with the X-Men, they were able to stop the villainous Mr. Sinister. Warren was left struggling with the urge to kill due to the influence of his wings.[111]


Continually fighting an inward battle against his killer instincts, Warren eventually learned to control his wings through concentration. Warren was attacked by Caliban, a former teammate who had taken his place as the Horseman Death, trying to prove himself in the eyes of Apocalypse.[112] Later, Warren encountered a resurrected Cameron in Genosha.[113] Warren met a widowed mother and beat cop named Charlotte Jones. Together they began an awkward relationship. It was with Charlotte's help that X-Factor freed Warren from the Ravens, a cult of near-immortal psychic vampires. It was during this battle that Warren's survival was made public knowledge, allowing him to regain control over his family's remaining business holdings and his personal fortune.[114]

Gold Team[]

After defeating the Shadow King on Muir Island, Warren and his fellow X-Factor founders returned to the X-Men. Warren often adventured with the X-Men's "Gold Team" led by Storm.[115]

The team journeyed to a void where Warren was seduced by the Triumvirate leader, Sha-Har-A-Zath, into battling his comrades.[116] Soon after, the X-Men returned to the Morlock Tunnels to stop a young mutant, Brain Cell, from mentally influencing the Morlocks to incite chaos. After the battle, Warren made his way back to the spot where his wings had been injured by the Marauders. There, Jean helped him see that his destructive behavior was not the fault of his wings but instead his own repressed violent tendencies. Warren began to see it was up to him to get his life under control.[117]

X-Cutioner's Song[]

When Prof. Xavier was shot by Stryfe,[118] Warren allied himself with the new X-Factor and X-Force to track down Apocalypse and the Mutant Liberation Front. While engaged in battle, Warren accidentally decapitated Kamikaze. Warren once again blaming his wing’s lust for blood.[119] When Beast and Dr. Moira MacTaggert had exhausted all of their resources, Apocalypse stepped-in to save Prof. Xavier. Warren, surprisingly, vouched for Apocalypse's genius but promised he would kill Apocalypse after torturing him and at a time of his own choosing.[120] However, Warren decided to leave him to die alone after a wounded Apocalypse asked him to end his misery.[121]

Phalanx Candy[]

Warren soon fell out of touch with Charlotte Jones. Warren later found Candy Southern alive in his Colorado home. Cameron Hodge had turned himself and Candy into techno-organic beings called the Phalanx. Candy sacrificed herself to destroy Hodge.

Return to Hellfire[]

Warren's childhood friend Shinobi Shaw invited him to a Hellfire Club party. Psylocke agreed to accompany him, due to the fact that both of their fathers had once been members. Warren refused to join Shinobi's new Inner Circle. Afterward, Warren became romantically involved with Psylocke[122] and together they battled her enemy, Spiral.[123]

Crimson Dawn[]

Sabretooth gravely injured Psylocke[124] and damaged one of Warren's wings.[125] Warren helped Wolverine search for a mystical cure for Psylocke. Eventually, with the assistance of Dr. Strange and Gomurr the Ancient, they revived her with help from the mysterious Crimson Dawn.[126] Warren and Psylocke left the X-Men and went to his Aerie to recuperate. After Psylocke was alerted to the presence of Onslaught on the Astral Plane,[127] followed by the Juggernaut attempting to warn them, the two briefly returned to aid the X-Men.[127]

Regaining Original Wings[]

A short time later, Warren regained his original, feathered wings, when his techno-organic ones "molted" away. As this process was happening he was visited by Ozymandias, which left him unsure whether Apocalypse had released his hold on him or was continuing to use him in some way. He retained his blue features.[128]

Gambit's Trial[]

After meeting Maggott, Psylocke and Warren were captured by Nanny. There, Magneto (disguised as Erik the Red) held a mock trial for Gambit for his part in the Massacre of the Morlocks. Warren was outraged that Gambit had played a part in the Massacre that had once cost him his wings and refused to defend him.[129] Later Warren was slammed by his teammates for his and Psylocke's lack of commitment to the team.[5] He returned to the Morlock Tunnels where he was attacked by Abomination and aided by Marrow.[130]

New Powers[]

Warren Worthington III (Earth-616) from Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 338 0001

Techno-organic wings molting to reveal feathered ones

Warren joined a splinter X-Men group to assist the Mannites in their battle with the latest bearer of the name Death, who was eventually discovered to be Wolverine. This prompted Warren and Psylocke to rejoin the X-Men and they became involved in stopping the latest plan of Apocalypse to gain ultimate power. During a fight with the brainwashed Wolverine, Angel became more and more ruthless until he was overcome by a transformation that left him with glowing wings and hair as well as psionic abilities. Warren used these abilities to track down the first Horseman known as War, who had somehow once again become a paraplegic. Warren explained that he had become the embodiment of hope and used his new-found psionic powers to heal the former War.

Warren divided his time between running his fortune, Worthington Industries, and working with the X-Men. Over time, his new abilities disappeared and his relationship with Psylocke officially ended when Psylocke began dating the new X-Man Neal Shaara.

Returning to the X-Men[]

Eventually, Warren returned to the X-Men full-time. Warren helped the X-Men defeat the threats of the X-Corps and the Vanisher's mutant drug cartel. Warren became the leader of the X-Men's active away team and even took the opportunity to address the G8 summit about mutant rights. This move and the cause that he promoted helped turn the X-Men from an outlaw band of heroes to a recognized global rights group.[131]

In a battle with the plant-being, Black Tom Cassidy, Worthington was entrapped in Black Tom's life-draining vines and began to enter cardiac arrest. Warren was saved by his teammates, whereupon his blue skin reverted to its former pink color. This was later pointed to as a signal that his healing abilities had begun to manifest themselves more strongly. After rescuing Stacy X, Warren became the object of her constant flirtation, while at the same time dealing with the fact that Husk, an X-Man much younger than him, also had a crush on him.[132]

Lobo Technology[]

Warren was forced to confront his cavalier attitude toward his fortune when he discovered Lobo Technology, a division of Worthington Industries that had been taken over by Maximus Lobo and a community of mutant werewolves. Lobo fought the X-Men and nearly killed Worthington and Husk. The two barely escaped and only survived from the brink of death with the help of Worthington's healing powers. Maximus Lobo revealed that he was involved in the murder of Worthington's father, in part, so that he could create a dominate subspecies of mutant werewolves operating out of Lobo Tech. Lobo ultimately defeated himself by allowing Lobo Tech to explode rather than concede defeat to the X-Men.

Healing Blood & Husk[]

Stacy X left the X-Men, saying goodbye to Warren in a nude video of her and while he watched this, Paige walked in on him.[133] Unsure if his healing powers were genuine, Warren used his blood at a local children's hospital to heal as many children as he could while the doctors confirmed that like blood types could be healed by him.[134]

Warren and Husk developed a romantic relationship after their ordeal, but it started off uneasy and continued in fits and starts. They committed themselves to each other when the X-Men helped Husk's brother Jay Guthrie deal with mutant bigotry in his hometown. During this time, Warren apologized to Wolverine for not liking him all these years and commended his service with the X-Men.[135]

Mutantes Sans Frontières[]

Warren and Paige took time-off from the X-Men's active roster and Warren founded the Mutantes Sans Frontières, a global outreach effort in Zanzibar. They were attacked by the Weaponeers, hired by Viper for Courtney Ross, during the gala reception.[136]

Wings Over The World[]

X-Men Unlimited Vol 2 8 Textless

Wing Over The World

After being asked to improve the X-Men's public image, Warren, with help from S.H.I.E.L.D., created "Wings Over The World", a dome using anti-gravity units that allowed people with disabilities to use metal wings to glide through the air in the facility.[137] Warren also joined the remaining members of the original X-Men to rescue the 198.[138]

World War Hulk[]

Incredible Hulk Vol 2 109 Textless

Champions reassembled

Warren was one of the original Champions assembled by Amadeus Cho to help a recently returned and angry Hulk.[139] It was later revealed that Amadeus simply needed Warren's money and Warren left the group.[140]

Messiah Complex/San Francisco[]

Warren supported Cyclops' team sent to Cooperstown, Alaska, after a mutant birth was detected for the first time since M-Day.[141] Warren returned to active duty and was sent to question the Acolytes[142] and later battle the Marauders.[143] When the city of San Francisco was being taken over by the illusions of a mutant known as Goddess, Warren was taken into the illusion and battled against Cyclops and Emma Frost. When he was freed from the mind-controlling illusions, Warren saved the mayor of San Francisco, Sadie Sinclair, from being run over by a truck.[144] At her invitation, the X-Men reformed at their new headquarters in the Marin Highlands of San Francisco, Graymalkin Industries, which was funded by Warren.[145]


X-Force Vol 3 5 Textless

As a member of X-Force

While Cyclops was secretly using Warren's Aerie in Colorado for X-Force, Warren was attacked by a brainwashed Wolfsbane and his wings were ripped off. It was revealed that Warren's feathered wings were not flesh and bone, but still techno-organic and when his wings regrew, he reverted to his Archangel persona with blue skin and techno-organic wings.[146] He murdered hundreds of winged Purifiers, members of the Choir, during a raid on their base in retaliation for taking his wings before passing out and reverting to his Angel form.[12]

After joining Cyclops' secret black ops team, X-Force, Warren gained the ability to switch back and forth between his Angel and Archangel personae. X-Force used Warren's home as a temporary base to maintain secrecy. Like all members of X-Force, Warren remained a member of the X-Men, while secretly going on missions with X-Force when ordered.[147][18] He initially tried to keep his transformation secret from the other X-Men, but during a recruiting mission with Beast, Warren was forced to transform into his Death/Archangel form to save them.[148]

Angel's old nemesis, Cameron Hodge, was resurrected by the Purifiers much to Warren's dismay. Warren also fought against Selene on Necrosha. He was later sent into the future to find Cable.[149] Warren was again sent into the future to stop an endless wave of Nimrods flooding into the dome created by Bastion, encasing the X-Men's new base of Utopia and much of the San Francisco Bay Area.[150]

Warren Worthington III (Earth-616) from Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 492 001

Return as Angel

Heroic Age[]

After the events of the Mutant Messiah's return to the present, Cyclops ordered the disbanding of X-Force. Wolverine, however, believed there was still a need for X-Force and decided to run it in secret. Warren joined the re-formed X-Force, using it as an outlet for his growing urge to kill.[151] Warren and Psylocke rekindled their relationship after joining the team, as she helped him to control his Death/Archangel persona. Warren and Wolverine became leaders of the squad with Wolverine leading in the field and Warren supplying the funding. Warren also built a new secret bunker in Sedona, Arizona, Cavern-X, which was the base of operations for X-Force, but seconded as an emergency base for the X-Men should they need it.

The team's first mission was to stop the return of Apocalypse, who had been resurrected as a child.[152] The team was attacked by the Final Horsemen of Apocalypse and Famine left Warren weak and starving. Deadpool attempted to revive Warren by feeding him everything in his pouches and even cut into his own flesh for him. When the team got to Apocalypse, no one was willing to kill the child, not even Archangel. While X-Force argued among themselves, Fantomex killed Apocalypse.

As Angel, Warren was sent to watch over a new mutant manifestation, Laurie Tromette, and fought with the X-Men against the Vampires that had invaded San Francisco, and secretly enjoyed their deaths as Death/Archangel. Warren was among the X-Men that were not on Utopia while Cyclops ordered a quarantine and led a small group of X-Men, consisting of Northstar, Dazzler, Pixie, and Storm, to safeguard San Francisco. The team defeated the Collective Man and captured Lobe's imitation X-Men.

Dark Angel Saga[]

The child Apocalypse's death triggered an Ascension Protocol within the Death Seed that Apocalypse had planted in Warren to turn him into Archangel. He began to become, in essence, a new Apocalypse. X-Force became aware of this after Warren tried to kill a reporter to whom Shadow King had delivered files on the secret team. To prevent his ascension, X-Force traveled to the Age of Apocalypse under the direction of Dark Beast. They sought to claim a Life Seed to destroy the Death Seed within Warren. Teaming up with the X-Men of that universe, they managed to claim a Life Seed and return to their world but not without unfortunate casualties for the X-Men.

However, they had been tricked. Dark Beast had been working for the ascended Archangel all along. They returned to find Cavern-X overrun by Clan Akkaba, with Archangel at its head. The Life Seed was crucial in his plans to scour all life from the world, replacing it with new life grown from the Life Seed. As a test run, a small town in Montana was destroyed and regrown as Tabula Rasa.

Warren Worthington III (Earth-616) Elizabeth Braddock (Earth-616) Uncanny X-Force Vol 1 18

The fate of Warren Worthington

Psylocke surrendered herself, hoping to appeal to whatever was left of Warren. When X-Force's actions led to the demise of the Final Horseman of Death, Archangel gathered a Death Seed from the Dreaming Celestial and transformed Psylocke into his own Death. Betsy was freed from the Archangel's control by Jean Grey from the Age of Apocalypse. She stabbed him with a Celestial Life Seed, killing both Archangel and Warren, and turning him into a new person.[22]

Jean Grey School for Higher Learning[]

The new Warren, void of any memories of his past, was sent to the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning by Wolverine, hoping that would bring back some of his memory. Instead, Warren began to believe himself to be a real angel. He was enrolled in the school as a student to help change his childish behavior. When the Worthington Industries board of directors noted Warren's strange behavior they decided that he was mentally unfit to run the company. His personal accounts were frozen leaving the Jean Grey School without funding.

When Wolverine's legs were damaged Warren tried to fix them with a "miracle." When he failed he wanted to try it again but Wolverine wouldn't allow him, so he and a few other students went to the casino on Planet Sin. There they took the device that damaged their headmaster's legs so it could be used to heal him. While doing so he forged a friendship with Evan, a clone of Apocalypse.

Warren tried to prove that he truly was a real angel by flying to heaven but he failed and accepted the fact that he was mutant. While falling he was saved by Evan and revealed that he could see the essence of people when he looked at them. Evan asked him what he saw when he looked at him and despite seeing only the image of Apocalypse, Warren told him that he could see nothing but goodness in him. Warren left the school with Bobby and Rachel to help his fellow mutants in the battle against the Avengers. After the battle, he returned to join the stand against Cyclops.

Under unknown circumstances, Warren's memories returned.

The Archangel's Return[]

When Warren's memories returned, so did Archangel's powers and personality. Desperate to be rid of them, Warren contacted Clan Akkaba.[153] They cut off his "tainted" wings, and Warren, now "cured and pure," became a sort of prophet in Green Ridge, Colorado;[154] however, Akkaba secretly used his wings to create an army of Archangels and one of those clones escaped and became a member of Magneto's X-Men.[26]

Warren Worthington III (Earth-616) from Astonishing X-Men Vol 4 5 001

Warren switching between Angel and Archangel

The real Warren was later found in Green Ridge by Psylocke and Magneto.[155] Clan Akkaba revealed their true intentions in helping Warren, when their army of cloned Archangels led by the escaped clone attacked Green Ridge. In the end, Angel, realizing that Archangel needed his humanity, merged with all his clones, creating a new being. This new Archangel was unsure of who or what he now was, but was determined to find out. He swore off all violence and returned with Magneto's X-Men to their base in the Savage Land.[156]

Angel was one of the numerous mutants called by Psylocke when she was attacked by the Shadow King in London. As she and some of the mutants she summoned ventured into the Astral Plane to stop him, Angel decided to stay in the real world to watch over their bodies[49] and keep local authorities at bay.[157] When the Shadow King took over the bodies of Gambit and Logan, Psylocke had Angel reluctantly switch to his Archangel persona to stop them.[158] In the Astral Plane, the Shadow King was fighting against the late Charles Xavier, whose spirit he had managed to capture after his passing. Following the Shadow King's defeat, Xavier returned to the land of the living in the body of Fantomex.[159] Xavier used his telepathic powers on Archangel to subdue his bloodlust and allow Warren to possess full control over his actions even when in his Archangel form.[160]

Age of X-Man[]

When X-Man tried to convert the world into a utopia through force, he created the Horsemen of Salvation to help him. One of them was Warren who was turned into X-Man's Horseman of Life. Warren and the Horsemen battled the X-Men who tried to stop X-Man. When X-Man realized that he would never be able to carry out his vision with the X-Men around, he eliminated his enemies in an instant as well as Warren and the other Horsemen on Quadra Island.[161] He was sent by X-Man to a different reality created by X-Man to be a utopia for all mutants could live in peace.[162]

In the reality created by Nate Grey and a Life Seed, a world where everyone on Earth was a mutant and relationships were strongly discouraged or illegal, Warren was the dean of the Summers Institute for Higher Learning in Westchester County. Like its mainstream reality counterpart, Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, the Summers Institute taught mutant children how to control their mutant abilities.[162][163]

Warren was seen in several instances monitoring the hallways of the institute and encouraging students to get to class. When rebellious students graffitied over notices on a bulletin board, he was seen removing the notices.[164]

Fearing the threat of the mutant drug Unveil and its impact upon her friends, Pixie interrupted a meeting between Sunfire and Warren to express her concerns about Anole and Armor. Warren immediately called in Department X to deal with the issue. Blob and Psylocke arrived to investigate and were let into Anole's room by Warren and Sunfire. Warren commented that Anole had always been a good student and he wasn't sure what had gotten into him.[165]

A week later, a televised interview with Warren played on the convenience store TV where a disguised Armor bought supplies for her and her fugitive cohorts. Warren assured the students that they weren't in any danger, but implored the public to be on the lookout for the missing students and to call Department X if spotted.[165]

After Nate Grey transformed all of the mutants back into their mainstream counterparts, Warren was shown in his office sitting across from an open portal back to reality.[166]

House of X[]

Warren lived on the sovereign Mutant nation state of Krakoa, created by Charles Xavier, Magneto, and Moira X. He later joined Cyclops' team together with (Wolverine, Mystique, Husk, Penance, Marvel Girl, and Nightcrawler) on a mission to destroy Mother Mold before the creation of Nimrod. Archangel and Husk were both confused at some of Cyclops' methods. The team was spotted as they neared their destination, and subsequently their Shi'ar ship was blown up in a kamikaze attack by Captain Mendel.[167] The explosion killed both Archangel and Husk, but the survivors continued on to destroy Mother Mold, at the cost of their lives.[29]

The team was later resurrected by a group of mutants known as “The Five” (Eva Bell, Proteus, Hope Summers, Elixir, and Goldballs). Merging their powers, The Five were able transfer the deceased X-Men’s minds into cloned bodies. They were later proclaimed as the heroes of Krakoa.[30] Warren was later seen drinking alongside Iceman and Beast at the celebration following the announcement of Krakoa as a sovereign nation under the United Nations and the first meeting of the Quiet Council of Krakoa.[168]

Krakoa and X-Corp[]

Warren was made CXO of the new iteration of Krakoa's X-Corp. Alongside fellow CXO Monet, he helped fight off the invading Empyre while simultaneously contending with Hordeculture and Mutant Zombies accidentally brought about by the Scarlet Witch.[169]

When Apocalypse received word from his grandson that the ancient mutant society of Arakko had fallen to the demons of Amenth, who were now coming to destroy Krakoa, he led a team of volunteers to Otherworld to face the coming threat. Still not trusting Apocalypse, Warren joined the mission to keep an eye on him. Apocalypse was happy to fight alongside his former Horseman, and even happier to see that Warren had come to the mission as Archangel.[170]

As X-Corp CXO, Warren found himself in a corporate battle with Jean Pierre Kol, CEO of Noblesse Pharmaceuticals, which had previously been bought out by X-Corp to enable the manufacture and distribution of the life-saving Krakoan drugs.[171] While Warren, Monet, and Multiple Man were in the middle of finalising the X-Corp board of directors and launching the company's new Ionospheric Bandwidth Generator, Kol worked with Sara St. John and the Fenris twins to steal the secrets of Krakoan technology and ruin X-Corp's market dominance. With the help of new board members Mastermind, Selene, and Trinary, along with Monet and Multiple Man, Warren was able to fend off Kol's violent assault of the Ionospheric Bandwidth Generator and secure X-Corp's success.[172]

Fall of X[]

After an attack by anti-Mutant terrorist organization Orchis left most mutant heroes dead or banished from Earth,[173] Warren would join Madelyne Pryor's Dark X-Men, helping rescue mutants around the world alongside former X-Men Gambit, Maggott, and Havok and supervillains Azazel, Zero, and Emplate.[2] However, after being grievously injured and captured by Orchis during a mission, Warren was mind-controlled by Orchis and their ally Goblin Queen and sent to attack his teammates, forcing Gambit to kill him.[33] Warren and all other X-Men who had been killed after the fall of Krakoa was resurrected by the Five inside the White Hot Room, and proceeded to rejoin the fight.[34]

After Orchis' fall, Apocalypse would offer Archangel and Sunfire, his most favored former heralds, the opportunity to serve as his heir in guiding the future of mutantkind. Both would refuse.[174]


Power Grid[206]
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Warren is a mutant and possibly a Cheyarafim.[175] Initially, he only had the ability of winged flight, but later gained a healing factor, possibly coming from either his possible Cheyarafim legacy, a Secondary Mutation or Apocalypse's manipulation. During his life he has been transformed by both Death Seed and Life Seed, that gave him various abilities.

Archangel originally lacked his wings and only retained some vestige of his mutant powers partial to the Life Seed, but after undergoing a merger with his cloned self he had regained his powers. He can also switch between his Angel and Archangel personas gaining the following:


Winged Flight: Angel possessed the superhuman ability to fly by means of his natural wings, which spanned sixteen feet from wingtip to wingtip. He later lost his wings, due to infection and amputation, but has regrown identical techno-organic wings. Fully feathered like a bird's, the wings have a very flexible skeletal structure, enabling him to press them to the back of his torso and legs with only the slightest bulge visible under his clothing. Angel flies by flapping his wings, as a bird does. The strength in his natural wings can easily break a man's arm or leg, or even put someone through a wall. Angel's normal cruising speed averages around 70 miles per hour (112 kph), though he is capable of diving swoops that reach up to 180 miles per hour (290 kph). He can fly at 150 miles per hour (240 kph) without the help of a tail wind for up to half an hour at a time before tiring to an appreciable degree. Though he generally flies beneath the height of the clouds (6,500 feet/1981 meters), he can reach a height of 10,000 feet (3000 meters) with little effort. With severe strain he can attain the highest recorded altitude of a bird in flight (African geese at 29,000 feet (8840 meters) above sea level), but can only remain at that altitude for several minutes.[176]

Aerial Adaptation: Angel's entire anatomy is naturally adapted to flying. His bones are hollow, his body processes food more efficiently than a normal human body and does not store any excess fat, and he possesses a greater proportionate muscle mass than normal. As a result, his strength, speed, agility, flexibility, endurance, reflexes, coordination, balance, eyesight and hearing are at their peak. Elements of his anatomy are comparable to those of birds, especially birds of prey. His eyes can withstand high-speed winds which would damage the average human eye. He can breathe at high velocities or altitudes, and he can cope with the reduced temperatures at high altitudes for prolonged periods of time, giving him a greater-than-normal capacity to endure low temperatures in areas such as the Arctic.

  • Telescopic and Night Vision: He shares some quality with birds including the sense of direction,[177] while his eyesight is on par with the one of an eagle (or keener),[178] allowing him to spot movement and details even from higher distances than the average human (or mutant) could.[179] His enhanced, avian eyes allow him to "see everything" even in the dark.[130]

Peak Human Strength: Due to his body's natural mutation, Angel possesses greater physical strength than an ordinary human equal to him in body weight and can lift about 500 lbs. He can easily rip off a van's doors from their hinges.[2]

Superhuman Stamina: Angel's musculature produces less fatigue toxins during physical activity than the musculature of an ordinary human. He can physically exert himself at peak capacity for several hours before the build up of fatigue toxins in his blood begins to impair him. His physical stamina while in flight is considerably greater. The Angel can fly non-stop under his own power for a maximum of approximately twelve hours. Contrary to some reports, he couldn't make a transatlantic flight solely on his own power. During his one attempt to do so, he hitched a ride on an airplane for part of the way.

Superhuman Durability: The tissues of Angel's body are somewhat harder and more durable than that of an ordinary human, though he is far from invulnerable. While he can be injured in ways comparable to an ordinary human, his body is structured to withstand the friction caused by flying at high speeds. He can also withstand impact forces that would severely injure or kill an ordinary human with only mild to moderate discomfort.


Techno-Organic Wings: Angel was given techno-organic wings by Apocalypse as part of his conversion to the Horseman Death. Their feathers could be launched as flechettes which hit like bullets and able to pierce steel, due in part to their incredible endurance and composition. Archangel could use them to torpedo himself through most anything blasting through and rending it apart. Eventually, those wings molted revealing feathered wings underneath, although, it was later told that those simply appeared organic. Later, after his apparent organic wings were lost for a second time, the techno-organic wings regrew and his blue skin color returned. After killing those who took his organic wings, he reverted to his original Angel form. It's since been revealed that under stress his Archangel abilities can return, though he lacks complete control over this more aggressive form. During his time in the X-Force, he has demonstrated the ability to become Archangel but still lacking control. He later lost control entirely. Merging back with his archangel persona has returned his wingspan to him.[180]

  • Flight: The wings enabled him to fly approximately at Mach 1, possibly even faster considering he had little trouble out-flying a fighter jet which can travel a speed of Mach 2.35 (2,903 kph) and later still showed out flying the Blackbird while above sea level at Mach 4.2 (roughly 5,189 kph).[181]
  • Wing Blades: His T.O. wings have razor sharp edges running along them, most likely mono-molecular in sharpness, making them very deadly bladed weapons for him to use. It's suggested they can cleave semblances with the toughness of diamond being sharp enough cleave stone, tear through tempered steel slice and can easily cleave grown men clean in two.[181]
  • Wing Shielding: Due to their metallic trans organic nature, they made decent shields to protect his body by covering up in them. Able to resist an arrow barrage, bullet fire, flash flames, a missile strike and lastly can tank a bio-nuclear microwave blast from the mutant Holocaust.[182]
  • Poisonous Plumage: Warrens new wings came with dischargeable flechettes which carried a potent neurotoxin paralyzing their mark on contact.

Regeneration: Even before the lion-share of his powers were purged from him, Warren still had the ability to regrow damaged and destroyed tissue due in part to both his mutations and the T.O. factor of his wings. Every time they had been extracted new ones would regrow in their place.[180]

Hypersonic Scream: Both the Archangel entity and his cloned Death-Flight legion could emit an intense acoustic shrieking which could cause disorientation and internal bleeding.[180]

Energy Halo: A possible extension of his original power-set Archangel is accommodated by a surrounding wreath of bright energy.[27]


Expert Combatant: Archangel is a skilled combatant, especially in aerial hand-to-hand combat.[60]

Business Sense: He is a talented businessman whose wealth ranks him in the lower part of the Fortune 500 list, while his company, Worthington Industries, is a Fortune 100 company.[192]

Swordsmanship: He aced in his fencing class without ever picking up a sword, and using only his wings. He proved himself to being a match for the new Silver Samurai. However, he is perfectly capable of using a real sword as well.[185]


He has a weakness for beautiful women.

Formerly Mental Burn-Out: As powerful as the Black Vortex enhancement makes Angel, it affects his mind in the form of cumulative stress, which causes Warren to go berserk regularly after a period of time.[193]




Wing blades


Wings and X-Men Blackbird; formerly X-Men Stratojet, X-Copter, Professor Xavier's Rolls Royce, Sentinel Air Transport, Champjet, X-Factor Plane, and various aircrafts constructed by Ship.


  • Angel was a member of the Hellfire Club, a position he inherited from his father, though he doesn't often officially associate with them, and is not a member of the Inner Circle.[194]
  • He is possibly a representative of the subspecies known as the Cheyarafim, having wings and Neyaphem-burning blood, but Azazel refuted this allegation, on the basis that Warren was a recent mutant, stating that his power set was a mere coincidence,[175] although Azazel was curious about Warren's lineage.[195]
  • After being stabbed with the Celestial Life Seed, both his Archangel and Warren Worthington personas were destroyed. The seed used Archangel as "soil" to grow a new person, resulting in the new Angel.[22]
  • Warren did not have a particularly high opinion of his teammate Cyclops. He considered Cyclops a boor, who "couldn't convince a drowning man to take a life preserver".[13]
  • Namor has remarked that Warren stands out for his arrogance.[16]
  • Warren can selectively bring out different aspects of his Archangel form, such as just forming his metallic wings in use for defense.[171]


  • Angel used to be involved in a long love triangle with Cyclops over Jean Grey when they were teenagers.[196]
  • Wanda briefly dated Angel.[197]
  • During his time-displacement, Angel dated Laura Kinney.[65] They apparently broke up off-panel before Warren returned to the past.
  • Angel formerly dated Candy Southern[198] who was later killed by Cameron Hodge.
  • Angel was in a long-term relationship with Psylocke, but they eventually broke up when Betsy showed feelings for Neal Shaara.[199] Angel reignited his relationship with Psylocke, partly due to the fact that she was helping to control his transformations into Archangel, but they once again broke up after Angel lost his memory after being resurrected.[200]
  • Angel also used to date Husk.[201]


  • Angel has once impersonated the Angel Michael,[20] and has been compared to the Angel Raphael.[202]
  • Warren has used the email address 'wworthington@xmen.cerebo.x'[203]
  • At one point Warren's parents lived at 4739 Anderson Lane, Fort Washington, New York, 10016.[204]
    • The real world zip code for this address actually matches Midtown, Manhattan.

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