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Warren Worthington III (Earth-8096) from Wolverine and the X-Men (animated series) Season 1 20 001

Angel in his original suit.

Shortly after Cyclops joined the X-Men, Warren joined the team as one of the original members, took on the identity of Angel, and participated in several exercises in the Danger Room with Cyclops, Iceman and Beast. One time, Angel laughed at Cyclops after he was soaked during their training session and fought against Magneto with Cyclops, Beast, and Iceman while Jean Grey stayed in the Blackbird. He was easily defeated by Magneto and was later saved by the combined forces of Jean and Cyclops.[1]

Although he was forced to forced to remain off the team in order to continue to have access to the family fortune, which he has been using in order to aid mutant-kind, Angel stayed on the team for a number of years, met and developed a romantic relationship with Storm, obtained a tolerance of Wolverine, and continued to work alongside with his fellow founding members such as Beast and Cyclops until an explosion at the mansion caused the X-Men to disband. Angel appeared to save Rogue from a Sentinel which aimed to kill her. Along with the X-Men, they defeated the Sentinel. Logan and Beast then asked him to rejoin the team but refused because he would have no access to his wealth if he joined any mutant team. Despite this, he did help the team in battle as an ally, as well as use his funds to help them out, including repairing the Xavier Institute and provide them with the necessary materials. Angel and Rogue's friendship was affected by Rogue's mission to absorb the memories of his father Warren Worthington Jr. to know the whereabouts of Senator Kelly.[2]

Angel was deliberately attacked by Colonel Moss and the MRD, by request of his father, Warren Worthington II. Angel was injured in his struggle to defeat the MRD and escape, but sadly lost and severely injured his wings. His father then made the decision to remove his son's wings since it was the only way he thinks Angel will come to his side. However, Nathaniel Essex, also known as Sinister, persuaded Angel into becoming one of his experiments and bonded metallic sharp wings into Angel's back, thus turning him into Archangel. He was last seen beside Essex, with no will of his own.[3]



A subset of the powers of Warren Worthington III (Earth-616).

Techno-Organic Wings

Inodorosity: Sinister's modifications included removing Warren's scent so he would not be tracked by Wolverine.[3]



Formerly X-Uniform


Blades fired from his wings


Flight via his wings


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