The past history of Warren Worthington III on Earth-9997 mirrored that of his Earth-616 counterpart. At some point in recent history, Warren regained his feather wings and pink skin, seemingly shedding all influence of Apocalypse's modifications to his body. He was a member of the X-Men, but was unknown if he was a member of the group at the time that Charles Xavier was killed along with every other psychic on Earth when the Skull gained his powers. Nor had it been revealed if he was a member of the group when it disbanded following the mutation of the entire human race. Over the convening years, Warren lost his fortune and took on a costume that made him resemble an Angel in the biblical sense and became a charitable man, giving aid to those in need.

This role became larger when, following the death of the Celestial embryo in Earth's core and the destabilization of the planet, New York's climate shifted into a perpetual arctic state. He frequently brought supplies to Kyle Richmond and Isaac Christians. When he learned that they were using Kyle's eyes to record the future, he warned them of viewing the future, citing the X-Men's previous experience in knowing the future.

Warren later aided the NYPD along with his fellow former X-Man, Iceman, defended the Human Torch in New York City from the likes of the Church of Immortus and the Tong of Creel. He was also present when the Absorbing Man attempted to douse the Torch, literally absorbing the island of Manhattan to do so, an attempt which ultimately failed. Angel was present at the wedding of King Britain and Medusa, and also joined a number of New York's heroes in stopping a battle between the Guardians of the Galaxy and invaders of the Negative Zone. He accompanied all gathered into the Negative Zone, where Reed Richards investigated the expansion of Mar-Vell's Paradise into the Zone. Angel's current whereabouts following this were unknown.

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Seemingly those of Warren Worthington III of Earth-616.

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