After Jean Grey seemingly perished to save the Mutants of Battlerealm from the ISO-Terrigen Mist, Magneto attacked the Collector's Ship in retaliation, scattering multiple ISO-8 Crystals containing Mutants across the Battlerealm in the process. Taking advantage of the situation to wreak havoc on his brother's Contest, Grandmaster freed Archangel and the other members of the X-Force from their ISO-8 Crystals and sent them to search for the lost Mutants for him.

The X-Force eventually came into conflict with the X-Men, who were also looking for the lost Mutants. When Iceman refused to join the X-Force, joining the X-Men instead, Archangel was summoned by Magneto to take them down. However, Archangel was ultimately defeated by the Summoner, ally of the X-Men.


Seemingly those of his Prime Marvel Universe counterpart.


Seemingly those of his Prime Marvel Universe counterpart.

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