Unlike his Earth-616 counterpart, Warren Worthington was never a member of the X-Men, yet was the mutant superhero Angel. In seeking to get rid of his mutation, he was tricked by Mystique and in turn transformed into Death by Apocalypse. With the intervention of Rogue, Warren regained his senses and rebelled against Apocalypse. From then on Warren was now Archangel. This part of Warren's history matches his Earth-92131 counterpart's.[1]

  • Since X-Men Adventures was an adaptation based on X-Men: The Animated Series, Warren not being a part of the X-Men's founding is similar to how he was depicted in "The Cure" and "Come the Apocalypse" where Cyclops and Jean weren't familiar with him. Likewise, the comic adaptation of those episodes show Earth-TRN566's Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Professor Xavier do not have any familiarity with Warren until this storyarc.[2][3] Later episodes of the Animated Series made the continuity error of including him in flashbacks as a founding X-Man.[4] Since the X-Men Adventures and Adventures of the X-Men series (which take place on Earth-TRN566) never adapted anything past Season 3 of the cartoon, that particular continuity error isn't an issue.
  • After X-Men Adventures Vol 1 12, Warren is not seen again and has no known further involvement with the X-Men, even in Adventures of the X-Men, as the comic ignored part of Season 3 (and therefore "Obsession" and "Beyond Good and Evil" are non-canonical to Earth-TRN566).
  • When Earth-TRN566 was destroyed and a new Earth was created, that new Earth's Warren became a founding member of the X-Men.[5]

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