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Real Name: None
Nicknames: None known
Former Aliases: None known
Other Current Aliases: None known


Occupation: Robot servant
Legal Status: Robot without a criminal record
Identity: Public, does not use a dual identity
Marital Status: Not applicable
Group Affiliation: Robot servant of Doctor Doom.
Base of Operations: Latveria


The Warrior Robots were created by Doctor Doom.

Place of Creation: Probably Doctor Doom's laboratory, Doomstadt, Latveria
Known Relatives: Doctor Doom (creator), Doctor Doom's robots (brothers)
First Appearance: Fantastic Four Vol 1 85


Warrior robots lack any personality and follow Doctor Doom's order with total loyalty. They can talk, and are by large the most common of Doom's robots. They patrol fortresses and bases in squads of ten, except for special areas were there are additional pairs. Currently, with at least one thousand warrior robots built and ready, they are the bulk of the Latverian Army - although Doom himself has a personal guard of 50 humans.
Warrior robots are sent to different missions throughout the world, including the kidnapping of Terrax.


Height: ???' ???"
Weight: ??? lbs (??? kg)
Eyes: Yellow
Hair: None
Skin: Grey and purple
Unusual Features: Look like humanoids in a grey-and-purple armor, but are really robots.


Known Powers:

  • Robotic construction giving them armor against attacks. They cannot be affected by mental or emotional attacks, neither by illusions aimed only at human eyes, but are susceptible to machinery-affecting attacks.
  • Computer link: Warrior robots are in constant communication with Doom's security system of whatever area they are protecting, with a range of 10 miles.

Known Abilities:

  • None

Strength Level:

  • Human level



  • None


  • None


  • Blasters: Doom provides warrior robots with blaster as a default weapon, including infrarred vision in the weapon.
  • Exotic weaponry: Doom sometimes provides some of his troops with other high-tech weapons of his arsenal; see Machines of Doom.


  • No special notes.


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