Warskrulls are a sub-species / branch of the Skrulls with the ability to not only mimic the shape of other beings but also mimic their powers[1]. It was a team of Warskrulls called "The Host" which infiltrated the Shi'ar Empire and nearly brought about its collapse, by mimicking the consort to the Shi'ar Majestrix Lilandra, Professor X as well as the X-Men.[2] The X-Men later encountered another group of Warskrulls on a Shi'ar space station[3]

Powers and Abilities


Skrull Shapeshifting: the racial ability to shapeshift. Therefore all WarSkrulls have the ability to will the molecules of their bodies into any being, form, or shape, either organic or inorganic.

Power Mimicry: the WarSkrulls possess the genetic ability to mimic the powers of any being, doing naturally what other Deviant Skrulls are given by genetic manipulation or technological enhancement via the Super-Skrull program.

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