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Warstar is one of several Type Two Battle-Symbiotes created by Tyro and Kang the Conqueror in the 602nd Century.[1] Deployed on Kang's flagship, the Nathaniel, the battle-symbiote was remote-piloted by Eddie Brock's time-displaced codex and -- despite being programmed to strictly follow protocol and be staunchly loyal to Kang -- immediately turned over control of its body to him and filled him in as to where and when he'd found himself.

Attacked by three squadrons of Kang's guards, the symbiote aided Eddie in killing them -- initially with some reluctance -- and chose the moniker "Warstar" for itself, rejecting Eddie's cutesy codename suggestions. Warstar helped Eddie jettison a more-powerful Type Four Battle-Symbiote into space and break into the bridge, where they were confronted by Kang. Reluctant to fight its master, Warstar acquiesced after Eddie framed the duel as a training exercise, shapeshifting into Eddie's customary King in Black form, but was defeated by Kang.[2] Warstar served as Eddie's body during his stay and training sessions with Kang, but after Eddie departed through the timestream in an attempt to change his past it was taken over by Meridius, who gloated that Eddie had fallen into the trap he and Kang had set for him.[3]


Normally a stickler for following protocol, Warstar is loyal to Kang the Conqueror and speaks in a somewhat robotic fashion - such as prefacing its sentences with a descriptor of the kind of statement it was making. Despite this, it was willing to massacre three battalions of Kang's guards when piloted by Eddie Brock, and even engaged Kang himself in combat when it was framed as a training exercise.[2]



Modified Symbiote Biology: In addition to being able to take on a humanoid form with no host, Warstar -- as with other Battle-Symbiotes under Kang's command -- appears to possess cybernetic augmentations that grant it a measure of technopathy, such as being able to morph its hands into firearms and flamethrowers, as well as create mechanized devices from itself -- such as replicating Kang's Time Sword.[2]


It is unclear if Warstar is vulnerable to traditional symbiote weaknesses, though it appears to be immune to flames as it was able to manifest flamethrowers capable of spewing 2000-degree Kelvin flames.[2]



Warstar prefers to morph its limbs into autocannon-like firearms, though it is also capable of manifesting flamethrowers and other forms of mechanical weaponry.[2]

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