Warzone was ordered by the Leader to kill his ex-leader: the Foreigner. He joined with Battlescar and Dead Aim, and they waited for the Foreigner near Dead-Aim's base. Warzone attacked the Foreigner, but his energy blast missed his ex-leader and destroyed a car. He had no time to renew the attack because Spider-Man hit him from behind. Warzone, not injured but only vexed by Spider-Man's loquacity, tried to blast him but missed, only smashing the ground. Soon after Warzone was shocked to understand that the satellite was falling just on heads, and he could only watch as Spider-Man saved the day. Warzone was knocked out by the explosion. Later, Warzone was arrested by the Police together with his colleagues[1].


Warzone wears an armor that increase his strength and invulnerability. He also can blast energy rays from his hands.

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