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Wasabi-No-Ginger is a trained chef and samurai who joined the new Big Hero Six with other new member and Fred.[1] Together they battle Brute, Gunsmith and Whiplash.[2] Working together they battle Badgal.[3][4][5][6]

End of the Earth

Spider-Man rallies many of Earth's heroes including Big Hero 6 to help stop the construction of Doctor Octopus' satellites. [7] Big Hero 6 found one of the facilities, discovered that it is guarded by Everwraith. Despite a tough battle, Big Hero 6 finally ended up victorious.[8]

Powers and Abilities


  • Able to concentrate his Qi into pulses of energy, often shaped as sushi knives.


  • Capable swordsman
  • Knowledge of various martial arts
  • Trained chef



  • Carries two samurai swords

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