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The Watchtower was the home and headquarters of the Sentry, situated in midtown Manhattan just off of Columbus Circle. The space was a tall tower and a set of black crossing fins, with a large golden sphere set in the top. The Watchtower was supervised by an artificial intelligence named CLOC, who maintained a watch over the world's communications, and alerted the Sentry to major emergencies.

When the Sentry was successfully overcome by his arch-enemy the General, he was convinced to use his powers to make every person on Earth forget he existed. As part of that, the Watchtower was also completely ignored by everyone and "disappeared" for decades.[1]

Tony Stark decided to build a new office tower, and inadvertently chose the space occupied by the Watchtower. Construction placed the Watchtower on top of the new Stark Tower, but the Sentry's powers still prevented anyone from noticing. Stark Tower was initially occupied by the New Avengers, who recruited the Sentry to their team.[2] After breaking through the Sentry's mental blocks, the Watchtower "reappeared", to the shock of most people in Manhattan.[3]

The Watchtower, free-standing in the past

The Hulk, who had been previously exiled from Earth by the Illuminati, returned with a major vengeance. Iron Man directly confronted the Hulk and was slammed into Stark Tower during the fight. Both the Watchtower and Stark Tower were destroyed in the tower's collapse.[4]

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  • The basement supposedly held the Void in captivity, until it was shown this was a contrivance of the Sentry, to keep his insanity in check. It is unclear if this basement was at the top or bottom of Stark Tower.[5]


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