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Watchwraiths were robots that were covered in bullet-resistant armor. They were created and used by the Science Wraiths (the science-using males of the Dire Wraith race). Several cables ran to an armored powerpack in the back. The robots were approximately 10 ft tall and they were designed to be the Science Wraiths' assassins, guards, and sentinels. Each hand had four digits and a palm nozzle that fired plasmifire, a napalm like gel. Concussive blasts were delivered via eyebeams fired from their cyclopean eye. The robots possessed superhuman strength, being able to lift cars.

When not active, the robots rested on giant slabs. Watchwraiths were completely loyal to their masters and when reactivated, they searched for their creators. The robots were self-aware and communicated verbally with each other, lacking internal communication systems. Watchwraiths walked slowly, could neither fly or swim, and they were vulnerable to cold attacks.[1][2]

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