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The woman who would be known as the Water Witch was one of a group of ugly misfit humans who were taken by the Mole Man to live in his underworld kingdom with him. He dubbed them his Outcasts, and bestowed powers and special equipment upon them.

The subterranean ruler Kala came into contact with the Mole Man over the legendary Fountain of Youth. Kala abducted a group of Winter Olympians and gave them a range of weaponry suited to their sports. She set them and the gamma-irradiated hero the Hulk against the Outcasts and Spider-Man. The battle eventually ended in a truce between the Mole Man and Kala.

Later, the Water Witch and the other Outcasts clashed with Iron Man and the spaceknight Rom on separate occasions.

Water Witch later turned up as a member of Superia's all-female army of supervillains, the Femizons. She participated in the attack by the Femizons on the heroes Captain America and Paladin, when the two men were caught spying on the group.[citation needed]



Hydrokinesis: Water Witch can control water in all of its forms. She can project ice, water, or steam in various fashions.



Water Witch carries a Dowsing Rod this is apparently the source of, or at least the focus for, her power.

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