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Origin and ancient years

Very little is known of Watoomb's origin, though, like virtually all of the Principalities, Watoomb was presumably of extradimensional origin.[4] Watoomb was once a mortal sorcerer.[5][6] Millenia before the modern era, he became an immensely powerful mage.

Instead of listening to his elders among the wizards, he allegedly listened to the wind itself, which told him many secrets about the ways of magic. Watoomb became the very first wizard on his world to summon the power of extradimensional mystic entities using Exocentric Magic.

Unsatisfied with wielding only fractions of said entities, Watoomb became one of the few (including Agamotto) to raise from mortal sorcerers to mystic Principalities,[5] mystic beings invoked for power by lesser sorcerers.[4] His most usually summoned spell, the Winds of Watoomb, was used by sorcerers of both good and evil.[5][4] He became part of the Octessence, eight powerful mystic Principalities, rivals to each other, and claiming to be the most powerful.[3]

At some point, he performed other remarkable feats:

Watoomb initiating the challenge over the Wand of Watoomb

Other artifacts and talismans were associated with Watoomb:

Modern Age

As he sought an adept to pass the Wand to, Watoomb split it in half, giving them to Doctor Strange and Cyrus Black. The two apprentices battled for the possession of both halves, and Strange won.[18][3] The Wand became one of the artifacts that were passed down from a Sorcerer Supreme from Earth (or the Earth dimension) to their successor.[19]

War of the Seven Spheres

Before the War of the Seven Spheres was to begin, Watoomb sought to recruit Doctor Strange to fight for his cause as he was already fleeing the Vishanti after having refused to serve them in exchange for his debts to them. Doctor Strange declined again, and was attacked by Watoomb as well, though he escaped using a spell that drew him to another entity. Eventually, Watoomb, Cyttorak, Ikonn, the Seraphim, the Vishanti (Agamotto, Oshtur, and Hoggoth), the Faltine, Raggadorr, Munipoor, Satannish, Valtorr, and Denak found themselves in direct conflict over the Sorcerer Supreme. To escape them all, Strange invoked the Law of Emancipation, relinquish the ability to call upon any of the powers and principalities.[20] The conflict would last five thousand years, though waged within months by human reckoning.[3]

Wager of the Octessence

Later, in the Wager of the Octessence, Watoomb chose as Exemplar Tempest (Nicolette Giroux), who found the Waterfall of Watoomb at the temple in Australia.[3]


During the magic-hunting crusade of the Empirikul, their forces killed all magic in the Temple of Watoomb beneath the Indian Ocean, causing the death of the Grimoire of Watoomb.[17]



  • Weather, especially wind.



Many items are associated to Watoomb, including:


  • Though Watoomb was a mortal, his world of origin is unknown, and it is possible that he was of extradimensional origin, like virtually all of the mystic Principalities.
  • Watoomb has been referred to using gender-neutral[3] or masculine pronouns.[5] His depictions have been changing as well. He has been represented as a somewhat masculine armored figure (seemingly his normal form),[3] or as alternate forms: a fully-white woman,[18] and a bearded figure.[20]
  • The Octessence's profile in Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z #8 mentions Watoomb as being best known (among others) its eye, but the Eye of Watoomb is known to be originated from the House of M reality.

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