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{{Marvel Database:Character Template
{{Marvel Database:Character Template
| Image = Watoomb (Earth-616).jpg
| Image = Watoomb (Earth-616) from Iron Man Vol 3 22 001.jpg
| RealName = Watoomb
| RealName = Watoomb
| CurrentAlias =
| CurrentAlias =

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War of the Seven Spheres

Before the War was to begin, Watoomb sought to recruit Doctor Strange to fight for his cause. Watoomb was not the only omnipotent to want Earth's Sorcerer Supreme for the war, nor was Watoomb the only deity that claimed Doctor Strange owed a debt. The conflict would last five thousand years, Doctor Strange declined participation.[1]


  • Weather, especially wind


  • Spells Invoking Watoomb: Winds of Watoomb


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