Waxworks was a member of the other-dimensional bounty hunters the Technet. Although he left the team temporarily after their riches were stolen by a family of Berserker Pirates[1], he later returned to the group.[2]

Waxworks accompanied Gatecrasher and the rest of the Technet to Earth first to hunt down the otherdimensional counterpart of Captain Britain known as Kaptain Briton on behalf of Sat-Yr-9[3] and later to capture the mutant Rachel Summers (Earth-811) on behalf of Opal Luna Saturnyne.[4] After they failed in the second assignment, the team based themselves on a disused pier in Brighton, England.[5]


Waxworks has the power to cause the body of any being he touches with his tentacles to temporarily lose all rigidity, incapacitating them. The effects wear off, though Waxworks could presumably keep his victims in this state by continually touching them.

Strength level

Given the effects of his touch, Waxworks has never been involved in a physical struggle.

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