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Quote1.png I don't trust you either. Not yet. There are secrets here -- secrets and shadows. I can smell the first on the both of you. And the second? Seems to me Kurt's the only one even lookin'... Tell you this. I've been in his head. It's chock-bloody-full of questions, but he's not pretending he's got the answers. That I trust. Och -- go plan your fireworks and get drunk, eh? Have a giggle. If you need me to pick up the pieces -- 'cause ye didn't think it through properly -- that's no bother. Go build your empire, lads. I'll be helpin' Captain Earthworm here wi' the hearts and minds. Favor for a favor. Quote2.png
-- Legion

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Synopsis for "Let Us Prey"

  • Synopsis not yet written.

Solicit Synopsis


• The dark force hiding within Krakoa begins to show its true form.

• The answers are hidden…WITHIN THE MINDSCAPE. Kurt’s – and…others.

• One of the most dangerous mutants is reborn!

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