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Tired of having his father ridiculing him and attacking his manhood, the gentle Wayde Garrison created the costumed persona of the Cougar in order to prove himself to his father as a man of action. He wanted to outwit the best men in his father's employ to prove his own worth. J.S. Garrison did not even suspect that his son was a quick hand with a gun, not that he had gone extensive exercises, making him strong enough to smash through walls. Wayde's robberies showed all the signs of an inside job due to the quick, methodical actions of the gang, but the elder Garrison never suspected that it was his own son that had betrayed him. To capture the Cougar, J.S. hired the Rawhide Kid to defend his train as it transported an important army payroll. Although the Cougar managed to steal the payroll out from under the Rawhide Kid and J.S.'s security agent Ed Dolan, the Rawhide Kid was able to track the Cougar's gang to their hideout.

In a gunfight with the Cougar, the Rawhide Kid bested him, and only then was his true identity revealed. J.S. Garrison was devastated to learn that his son had become a criminal, but realized the folly of his own actions in how he had treated him.[1]




The Cougar was exceptionally strong and agile.


  • The Cougar's hands were sheathed in huge paws which were powerful enough to allow him to smash through walls.
  • The Cougar wore specially-soled boots which allowed him to scale walls and surfaces much more easily.



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