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Wayeb' or Wayep is the Mayan god of mischief that inhabits the dimensional realm of Xibalba.[2][4]

In recent years, computer scientist Benjamin Rabin used a computer system composed of abstract symbols that greatly resembled Mayan glyphs to contact Wayep during the Uayep Cycle, a five week period when the dimensional barrier between Earth and Xibalba was weakened. Wayep offered to grant the professor god-like power if he sacrificed a man and a woman. Wayep then created a mystical blizzard over New York. Rabin managed to sacrifice his co-worker Dave, but Spider-Man thwarted Rabin's attempt to sacrifice his co-worker Mary. Wayep decided to personally interfere and challenge the wall-crawler himself, but Spider-man successfully trapped the Mayan god within his web and, before Wayep had the chance to free himself from the substance, the Uayep Cycle ended and he was forced to return to Xibalba.[5]

Wayeb' (Earth-616) from Journey Into Mystery Vol 1 627 001

Wayep speaking with Mephisto in the Infinite Embassy

Later, Wayep spoke with Mephisto about the upcoming end of the current Mayan cycle when the latter visited the Infinite Embassy in search of information about how the gods planned to deal with the Asgardian Serpent; however, Wayep did not reveal what his fellow Mayan god Iztamna thought of the Serpent.[6]

When Benjamin Rabin attempted another ritual years later, he was able to inscribe power into his being and face Spider-Man once more. He marked the web-head and Mary Jane before sending them to an alternate Earth with Wayep. Although enraged Rabin didn't summon him as instructed, he was enticed to kill Spider-Man personally on the ravaged Earth. However, despite his powers overwhelming the hero, Mary Jane used a dimensional device to save Peter and sever Wayep in two, killing the dark deity, and sending both halves with Peter to Earth.[7]

Rabin attempted to complete the ceremony to keep Wayep's powers by targeting Mary Jane as his final sacrifice.[8] When he stabbed Ms. Marvel, who used her powers to impersonate Mary Jane to divert Rabin, Wayep's spirit angrily accused him of deceiving him with a false sacrifice and killed him.[9]


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Wayep has the conventional powers of the Ahau:[4]

  • Superhuman Strength: Wayep is superhumanly strong (Class 50 or higher).[1]
  • Superhuman Speed: Wayep can run faster than even the finest Olympic athlete.[1]
  • Superhuman Agility and Reflexes: Wayep reacts to his environment much better and faster than a human at the peak of his physical condition, and proved to be capable of match with Spider-Man's own superhuman athleticism, which was evident by their brief but intense fight.[10]
  • Superhuman Durability: Wayep is extremely durable, capable of withstand powerful energy blasts, high caliber bullets and great falls without suffer any injury.[4]
  • Healing Factor: Wayep can heal any injury much faster than the healthiest human being, and is immune to all earthly diseases and toxins.[4]
  • Flight: Wayep can fly thanks to his bat-like wings.[1]
  • Teleportation: Wayep can teleport thanks to his ability to "escape time".[1]
  • Immortality: Wayep is part of the Ahau pantheon who cease of age upon reaching maturity.[4]
  • Magical Energy Manipulation Wayep can manipulate his inborn magical energies to supernatural feats. Like other Ahau, he has natural shapeshifting abilities.[4] He also has the ability of create blizzards and grant inhuman powers to mortals.[10]


  • Wayep takes his name from the Wayob of Mayan mythology, which were shapeshifting spirits linked to individuals, serving as guardians or guides, and reflecting personal destinies and characteristics.

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