Dr. Wayne Childs was a historian at the Empire State University whose help Ned Leeds sought while investigating the Revolutionary War's Battle of Blood Creek, of which a statue commemorating it had been erected at the City Hall. Childs' investigation resulted in the discovery that the Battle of Blood Creek never took place. Furthermore, there were only digital records of it happening.

Years following Ned Leeds' death, his widow Betty Brant picked up the investigation and visited Wayne. After he revealed her the truth behind the Battle of Blood Creek, the Enforcers barged into his office and kidnapped him, later taking him to the secret underground lair of Maggia boss Ernesto Karnelli. Karnelli was behind the erection of the statue commemorating the Battle of Blood Creek, which had been manufactured with explosive tritium and could be used as a powerful bomb.

Ms. Brant and Mr. Prescott, another of Leeds' contacts, were also kidnapped and later rescued together with Dr. Childs by Spider-Man. After Karnelli's plan to set off the statue was foiled, Dr. Childs joined forces with Mr. Prescott to offer tours of the hidden tunnels which had been used by Karnelli before they were sealed off.[1]

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