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The son of a drunken and abusive father and a dead mother, Wayne Tucker was a juvenile delinquent and leader of a gang until the White Event gave him the paranormal ability to 'push' the minds of others. Compelled by a psychic summons to travel to San Francisco and join up with the group of paranormal teens code-named Psi-Force by rogue CIA agent Emmett Proudhawk, Tucker found himself linked to the team following Proudhawk's death by a psychic connection which enabled them to summon up the entity known as the Psi-Hawk but he also found himself unable to leave the group without being compelled to return by the Psi-Hawk's influence. Tucker resented this at first and tried to distance himself from the group, but eventually came to rely on them. [citation needed]

When the group was scattered, the link apparently broken, following the destruction of their temporary home Sanctuary House, Tucker met Lindsey Falmon, another paranormal, with whom he formed a romantic relationship. Tucker and Falmon eventually reunited with some of the other members of Psi-Force and, after some time incarcerated at the Russian facility called the Siberian Project, became agents of the covert group known as the Medusa Web. Falmon eventually agreed to marry Wayne.[citation needed]

According to an interview given by Tucker to Playboy magazine some ten years later, Psi-Force remained together. Whether this is true remains unconfirmed.[citation needed]


  • Telepathy: Wayne is a paranormal possessing the power of telepathy. He can use various telepathic powers. He also seems to have a degree of omnipathy.

Wayne also was in charge of forming the Psi-Hawk gestalt.


Plays a mean guitar


Wayne commonly uses knives, including a pair of cybernetically triggered switchblades.

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