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Quote1.png Sentient beings are numberless-- we vow to save them all. Delusions are inexhaustible-- we vow to end them all. The gates of creation are manifold-- we vow to open them all. The Utopian Kree way is supreme. Quote2.png
Extreme Intelligence[src]


Derived from the original Supreme Intelligence, ruler of the Kree Empire, the We-Plex Supreme Intelligence System was a standard A.I. installed on the fleet of diplomatic vessels used by the Kree, such as the Marvel.[2] Said ship accidentally ended up in Earth-616, where it was shot down by Midas Foundation. All of its crew perished, with the exception of Noh-Varr.[3] The Plex assisted Noh-Varr until it was corrupted by Dr. Midas and rendered mostly useless.[4] Even though Noh-Varr was eventually forced to destroy the Plex Intelligence;[5] however, he kept its seed.[6]


As part of his efforts to rebuild the Kree Empire, which had been decimated in the Prime Universe, Marvel Boy led an expedition composed of numerous members of the Inhuman Royal Family to the ruins of Hala.[7] Once they reached their destination, Marvel Boy planted the seed of the Plex Intelligence in the remains of this reality's Supreme Intelligence. The resulting process ended in the resurrection of the Plex Intelligence, with the absorbed material from the other Supreme Intelligence,[8] an Extreme Intelligence which sought the rebirth of its Empire through the acquisition of the Infinity Stones.[1]



Seemingly those of the Supreme Intelligence of Earth-616, in a dissociative manner.[3]

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