Quote1.png There were 112 soldiers in Eaglestar's Blue Team. We're checking their records, one by one. I imagine within an hour we'll know exactly... who you are... and who your family is. And then we can talk business. Quote2.png
-- Dario Agger

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  • Previous Appearance of Weapon H (Clay) Weapon H (Clay) Next Appearance of Weapon H (Clay) {{Expansion depth limit exceeded|||Main story and flashback}}

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Synopsis for 1st story

Solicit Synopsis


• Whoever knows fear burns at the touch of Man-Thing. And Clay – A.K.A. Weapon H – has a lot to be afraid of.

• He’ll do anything to keep his family safe from the monster he’s become. But Roxxon Corporation has other plans – and they’re inches from capturing a vital part of Clay’s past.

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