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Weapon Plus Program's origins dated back to 1945, when Truett Hudson,[3] a civilian adviser to the U.S. Army nicknamed Professor Thorton, discovered Dr. Nathaniel Essex's hidden laboratory under a liberated concentration camp. Funded by the U.S. Government, Thorton formed Weapon Plus,[4] a Program devoted to create super-soldiers based on U.S. Army's Project Rebirth, which birthed the hero Captain America, retroactively considered to be Weapon I.[5]

The first nine installments of Weapon Plus had been partially successful, including Weapon III, resulted in the creation of the Skinless Man,[6] and Project Homegrown, a.k.a. Weapon VII, which produced the cyborg Nuke.[7]

Weapon X Program was born from an agreement between C.I.A. and the Canadian Government;[8] it produced an high number of agents, including the C.I.A.'s Team X,[9][10] and the Canadian Department K,[11] before the subject named Experiment X escaped from the Weapon X Facility.[12] After that accident, Weapon Plus' Director John Sublime ordered Professor Thorton to shut down Weapon X once and forever; however, Thorton refused, breaking off Weapon X's ties with the Plus Program.[4]

To prevent subsidiary programs from going rogue, Weapon Plus directly oversaw the creation of the last living weapons operating in the clandestine facilities of The World, employing Bolivar Trask's Sentinel technology.[13]

Throughout the decades, Weapon Plus has used increasingly more extreme methods to create its super soldiers. Weapon X employed genetic alteration, brainwashing and memory implants. The latest creations were bred specifically to become mutant-hunting weapons much deadlier than Sentinels.[5]


Weapon I

The retroactively numbered Weapon I, better known as Project Rebirth, was a U.S. Army / F.B.I. joint operation led by Dr. Abraham Erskine, codenamed Professor Reinstein.[14]

Project Rebirth created the icon known as Captain America,[14] and was considered by Weapon Plus to be its most successful product.[5]

Weapon II

Weapon II experimented on animals.[15] The resulting subjects included Brute Force[16] and a genetically modified squirrel with abilities similar to Wolverine.[17]

Weapon III

Also reportedly focused on animals.[15]

Contrary to this, a mutant barrister named Harry Pizer during the Cold War with elastic and multi-sensory skin had his powers augmented by Weapon Plus, and he became "Weapon III".[6][18]

Weapon IV

While reported to have been performed on various ethnic groups and prisoners,[15] Weapon IV - also known as "Project Sulfur" - was spearheaded by Theodore Sallis and developed the SO-2 serum that turned him into the Man-Thing.[16]

Weapon V

While reported to have been performed on various ethnic groups and prisoners,[15] Weapon V - also known as the Sym-Soldier Program or Project Venom - was spearheaded by Nick Fury during the Vietnam War and involved bonding wounded soldiers to symbiotes.[19][16] Weapon V was later revived as Project Rebirth 2.0, giving rise to the symbiote supersoldier Agent Venom.[20]

Weapon VI

Weapon VI was spearheaded by Dr. Noah Burstein and was the procedure that gave Luke Cage his powers.[16]

Weapon VII

Weapon VII, better known as Project Homegrown, experimented on human soldiers during the Vietnam War. Some of the known participants who died in Project Homegrown included Andrew Perlmutter, Michael Labash, John Walsh, James MacPherson and fourteen other unknown recruits. The only known successful subject of Project Homegrown was Sgt. Frank Simpson codenamed "Nuke", who had armored implants under his epidermis and was given Adrenaline Pills to alter and control his mood. Logan, who would later become one of Weapon Plus' victims, kidnapped Nuke as a child, who oversaw his conditioning.[7]

Weapon VIII

Weapon VIII use of drugs and hypnosis to trigger assassins/sleeper agents.[5]

Weapon IX

Weapon IX is the codename given to Typhoid Mary.[16]

Weapon X

Weapon X was started by Professor Thorton under Romulus' orders;[21][3] Weapon X operated in both Canada and the United States through an agreement between C.I.A. and Canadian Government.[8] It operated through C.I.A.'s Team X,[9][10] and Canadian Department K,[11] both employing and empowering mutants which memories were often altered or deleted via several methods, including elaborated sets,[8] and psychic implants provided by Aldo Ferro.[22]

Weapon X was going to be shut down by Weapon Plus' Director John Sublime due to its failures when Experiment X escaped from the Weapon X Facility,[12] but Thorton decided to break all the ties the Program had with Weapon Plus, keeping Weapon X active.[4] After the break-off, Weapon X was only funded by U.S. Department of Agriculture, in which Thorton worked as the Director.[23]

Weapon XI

No individual with the 'Weapon XI' moniker has been identified.[4]

Weapons from The World

The following weapons were created under the direct influence of the Sublime bacterium and inside The World, a facility originally based in Britain, that warped time to grow and develop a entire civilization solely for the production of super-soldiers. The end result was to be a team called the Super-Sentinels, a mutant-hunting team of "superheroes" with a base in a Weapon Plus space station. This team, a brainchild of John Sublime, was intended to be a publicity stunt what would commercialize the genocide of mutants as part of a reality show. This was supposed to make it more palatable to the public.[24]

Weapon XII: Huntsman

Weapon Plus created Weapon XII (aka Huntsman, real name Zone Cluster 6) at the England-based facilities of The World. He was the first living weapon created employing artificial evolution and nanosentinel technology. Weapon XII was "accidentally" unleashed on the Channel Tunnel and fought X-Corporation members Cannonball, M, Darkstar, Rictor, Siryn and Multiple Man. Weapon XII was eliminated by Fantomex with the aid of Jean Grey and Professor X, but at the cost of Darkstar's life.[25]

Weapon XIII: Fantomex

Weapon Plus created Weapon XIII Fantomex, whose real name is Charlie Cluster-7, also at The World. However, Fantomex rebelled against his creators. Like in the case of Weapon XII, Fantomex's powers derive from Nanosentinel technology.[15]

Weapon XIV: Stepford Cuckoos

Weapon XIV was created in The World by John Sublime using ovaries stolen from Emma Frost to create daughters/clones the Stepford Cuckoos. Originally numbering in the thousands, only 5 were active and in the end only 3 remained. They were created to entrap the Phoenix Force in order to use its power to fuel their psychic abilities so they can wipe out all mutants on earth.[7]

Weapon XV: Ultimaton

The "ultimate" creation of Weapon Plus designated Weapon XV, a.k.a. Ultimaton, designed to be the Super-Sentinels' grand powerhouse.[13]

Weapon XVI: Allgod

Weapon XVI is a "living religion", a virus that attacks the "faith reserves" and makes them subservient to the World's sentience. In order for it to work one has to believe in some sort of god.[2]

American Kaiju

Todd Ziller was a volunteer in the new Super-Soldier process. They could not recreate the serum so used existing transformative substances. The final result included Gamma enhancements, Mutant Growth Hormone, Pym Particles and the Connors Formula. The resulting application of the serum in Ziller's body turned him into a giant reptile similar to Godzilla, for which he was given the alias of "American Kaiju."[26]

Checks and Balances

While the project was underway various groups and factions including some within the participating governments funded the creation of a separate initiative to make countermeasures for the Weapon Plus Programs. Members of the Weapon Plus Projects were completely unaware that the schematics of their projects were given to Weapon Minus to construct fail-safe for their products.

Known examples

Total Elimination of Super-Soldiers

Originally made by a paranoid Professor Schumann who was worried that the super-soldiers would take over the world. It was never deployed having been built in secret and housed in Schumann's old residence until it was activated by a desperate S.H.I.E.L.D. agent looking for revenge. The only known product was TESS-One.[27]

Doctor Mindbubble

A number of scientists were funded by SHIELD to create counters to the Weapon Plus program in case it went off the rails. In what was then explicitly labelled the Weapon Minus program, one of these scientists when his branch of the project had his funding and materials cut was forced to test the resultant mixture of Super-Solider Serum and LSD on himself, the result was named Doctor Mindbubble. He was intended to counter Weapon VII; Nuke


Equipment: State-of-the-art and sophisticated equipment.
Transportation: Various
Weapons: Military standard when not accounting for weapons equipped to the Super Solders and those geared to take down the Super soldiers themselves


  • It should be noted that by the time of the World weapons all iterations had some-kind of self destruct triggers implanted in them. This was used to destroy the Huntsman.[15]
  • Grant Morrison considers the animals from We3, another work of his, to have been part of Weapon II.[citation needed]

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