"Weapon Red" encountered Cable and his X-Force team in China while they were in search of a specific mutant girl. Unbeknownst to Cable, this huge monster himself was also a mutant weaponized in the same manner as the one they were tasked to find.

Weapon Red (Chinese Mutant) (Earth-616) from X-Force Vol 4 1 002

Cable vs. "Weapon Red"

Cable and "Weapon Red" took their fight one on one physically throwing punches back and forth with Red pounding down on Cable with his enormous strength while Psylocke and Marrow holding a sniper gun watch from a distance. With nothing else but his precognitive abilities to rely on, Cable was not accomplishing much, but the battle ended quickly when "Red" was sniped in the back of the head by Fantomex, which killed him.[1]

  • This character was never named, but was dubbed "Weapon Red" due to being weaponized and his physical appearance.

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