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Kane; Deadpool; Sabretooth; Mesmero; Wolverine; Maverick; Daredevil; Hulk (Jen Walters); Storm; Spider; Vision; Iron Man; Gambit; Angel; Colossus; Ms. Marvel; Hyperion; Hulk (Bruce Banner); Firestar
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Anyone who keeps them from going home including the Exiles and Timebroker.
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A multiversal team similar to the Exiles but formed to take on more ruthless, bloody and destructive missions
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This Weapon X team is a more ruthless version of the multiversal travelers and realities-fixers, the Exiles.

The founding members were; Kane, Deadpool, and Sabretooth.[1]

  • Founding member Kane was killed by a counterpart of Namor and replaced with the Vision[2]. He was later sent home [3].
  • Founding member, Deadpool [1] who was first "killed" by Sabretooth, who snapped his neck[4]. He was later killed again in the Crystal Palace by the female Hulk (Jen Walters).[5]. He was NOT sent home.
  • Founding member, Sabretooth first appeared as a Weapon X subject[1]. He stayed behind on a world ruled by Sentinels[4]; from the same reality as Blink; former leader of Weapon X. He then later joined the Exiles[6].
  • Mesmero,[7]. He was killed and later confirmed dead.[5] He wasn't immediately replaced until after some missions by the second wave of recruits (Hulk (Jen Walters), Storm and Daredevil). He was later sent home.[3].
  • Wolverine, Founding member,[7]. He was killed and then later confirmed dead[5]. He wasn't immediately replaced until after some missions by the second wave of recruits (Hulk (Jen Walters), Storm and Daredevil). He was later sent home[3].
  • Maverick, Founding member who was killed when he was impaled by a razor-pointed throwing shield from a counterpart of Captain America.[7] He wasn't immediately replaced until after some missions by the second wave of recruits (Hulk, Storm and Daredevil). He was later sent home.[3].
  • Daredevil, Second wave of recruits, [7]. He was later confirmed to be dead[5]. He was sent home alive however[3].
  • Hulk (Jen Walters), Second wave of recruits,[2]. Was pulled into the Negative Zone [8] but was actually in stasis in the Panoptichron; sided with the Exiles during the battle with Deadpool, killed him and was later sent home [5].
  • Storm, Second wave of recruits,[2]. Killed during a mission to stop an alternate Bruce Banner[9]; was replaced by Hyperion. Later sent home for burial [3].
  • Spider, Daredevil's replacement[2]. Killed by Firestar with a mega-blast from her powers[10]. Later sent home for burial [3].
  • Vision, Kane's replacement,[2]. Killed when an alternate reality was devastated[11]. Later sent home for burial [3].
  • Iron Man. Replaced Deadpool[4]. Was sent to the Crystal Palace and was in stasis showing stable life-signs. Sent home alive, without armor, [3].

As they appeared on Earth-42777.

  • Gambit, Sabretooth's replacement.[12] When he replaced Sabretooth as the team leader he was the one who wore the Tallus. Sacrificed himself to kill Hyperion with Magik's sword charged with kinetic energy[13]. Later sent home for burial[3].
  • Archangel, Iron Man's replacement[12] Was in stasis showing stable life-signs in the Panoptichron. Sent home and returned to his mercenary work.[3]
  • Colossus, Replaced Hulk (Jen Walters).[8] Died when he ran out of oxygen after being blasted into the vacuum of space by Hyperion [11]. Later sent home for burial.[3]
  • Ms. Marvel, Angel's replacement[9]. Killed in battle with Morph [13]. Later sent home for burial [3].
  • Hyperion, Replaced Storm[9]. Questioned the Timebroker's motive and decided to rule Earths instead of fulfilling the team's missions. Was first "killed" by Gambit and the Exiles[13]; ended up in the Crystal Palace where he escaped and started playing with the Exiles including replacing Heather with Sabretooth and Beak with Holocaust; was sent back to his reality where Earth was devastated by nuclear war[14]. Replaced by alternate versions of himself.
  • Firestar Replaced Vision, was there to kill Hyperion and failed.[15] Killed in the backlash of her own powers while killing the Spider[10]. Was NOT sent home for burial, because she cremated herself.

The team was eventually destroyed, when the Timebroker wanted to downsize both teams in hopes of killing off Hyperion.[13]


Equipment: Varied
Transportation: Teleportation through connection to the Tallus as well as individual members own means.
Weapons: Each team members' arsenal.


Unseen missions that Weapon X, were known to have completed are:[16]

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