A hapless tourist from New Zealand who was on a tour of the Department H facilities, the man who would become Weapon X was kidnapped by Dr Horatio Huxley. He infected him with Thetagen-24, the most dangerous, lethal bacteria created. Weapon X was one of many infected, but something in his biological make-up made for a unique combination with the virus. He became a sympathetic carrier with the bacteria consuming him, and mutating. His mind and body combined with the infection, resulting in a new being.[1]

Weapon X then escaped in a containment suit which kept the bacteria super-cooled, keeping the bacteria from reproducing. Weapon X embarked on a suicidal journey to destroy himself and the virus. Alpha Flight intervened in an attempt to stop him from spreading Thetagen-24. Ultimately, X succeeded in committing suicide at the Devil's Bay Hellpounder. [2]



Weapon X's containment suit was designed to stand considerable physical duress to ensure the bacteria never escaped. It was also designed with advanced sensors and the ability to absorb electricity. As well, it was armed with a powerful exo-skeleton, sharp claws and a jet pack.

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