The central command of Weapon X while under the direction of Reverend William Stryker was located within a gated community in Serenity Hills, Texas. In addition to Weapon X's command, said community housed 173 families, all of whom had at least one member working for Weapon X, or rather, allegedly their front company Serenity Industries.[1]

The base was raided by the Hulk and a group of mutants, including Logan and Sabretooth, who had been investigating Weapon X after the agency had sent cyborgs to collect genetic material from them.[2] The base was heavily damaged when Hulk was confronted by one of Weapon X's latest subjects, H-Beta, with the tremors caused by the fight cracking open the streets surrounding the base.

When H-Alpha joined the brawl, what remained of the base gave in. The few Weapon X staffers who hadn't already evacuated where rescued by the mutants.[3]

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