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Weapon X Program[]

The Weapon X Facility was the complex where the C.I.A.'s Weapon X Program operated.[3] It was built by Canada's Department K,[2] in Alberta, Canada, near the town of Roanoke.[4] When Weapon Plus Program's Director John Sublime tried to shut down Weapon X Program, Professor Thorton made Weapon X an independent organization,[5] eventually leaving the Weapon X Facility and using the U.S. Department of Agriculture as a cover for their illegal activities.[6]

Department K[]

At some point, the former Weapon X Facility was taken over by Canada's Department K.[7]

Mutant Revolution[]

After going rogue and becoming a fugitive following his escape from prison for killing Charles Xavier under the influence of the Phoenix Force,[8] Cyclops set up a new base in the now-abandoned Weapon X Facility with Magneto and Magik. From here they launched their mutant revolution by liberating unjustly imprisoned mutants and offering them aid with their powers and a place in Cyclops' new X-Men Team. Emma Frost soon joined after being freed by Cyclops and Magneto.[9]

Together Cyclops, Emma, Magneto, and Magik founded the New Charles Xavier School for Mutants.[9][10] They redesigned the facility to equip it with dormitories, cafeteria, and Danger Room. They've gathered young mutants such as Tempus, Triage, Benjamin Deeds, Goldballs, Stepford Cuckoos (Celeste, Irma, and Phoebe), Angel, and Hijack and began training them to use their powers.[10] After the conflict with the Future X-Men and Future Brotherhood at the Cape Citadel base, Katherine Pryde decided to quit the Jean Grey School with the time-displaced X-Men and take up Scott's offer of joining his school thanks in part to Illyana.[11]

Alternate Realities[]

Mutant X (Earth-1298)[]

Weapon X Facility from Mutant X Vol 1 3 0001

Havok and The Pack at the Weapon X Facility

This is the location where Wolverine, Sabretooth, and Wildchild were experimented on until they became less than human. The three subjects, now known as The Pack, brought Havok of The Six to the facility to show him what happened to them. As they began to destroy the facility, Alpha Flight stepped in and took control of The Pack.[12]

X-Men Film Series (Earth-10005)[]

James Howlett (Earth-10005) from X2 (film) 002

Wolverine returning to the Weapon X Facility

See also: Alkali Lake
This secret subterranean research facility was used by the Weapon X Program. It was built into a dam on Alkali Lake. It was here that Logan underwent the experimental procedure that bond Adamantium to his skeleton. After these event, this base was abandoned until Stryker reopened it. Here, he duplicate the procedure that created Wolverine with Deathstrike and built a duplicate Cerebro.[13]

The Wastelands (Earth-21923)[]

Earth-21923 from Old Man Logan Vol 2 5 001

The history of the Weapon X Facility is presumably similar to its Earth-616 counterpart. Years after the villains took over the United States, Logan approached the facility and discovered that a group of survivors had taken up residence in it. He was attacked by the survivors who mistakenly believed that he was a spy until Maureen intervened and stopped the attack. Logan was allowed to live in the settlement[14] and developed a relationship with Maureen. Logan and Maureen were forced to leave the settlement with supervillains attacked it.[15]

Weapon X Facility from Dead Man Logan Vol 1 11 001

Years later, Mister Sinister reestablished the Weapon X Program in a building in Hammer Falls. He planned to create an army to help him take over Amerika. After deeming his army of Sabretooth clones a failure, he sent Sabretooth and the clones after Logan and Hulk Jr. for his experiments. Hulk Jr. was captured and brought to Sinister's facility. Hulk Jr. was then rescued by Logan and Dani Cage, leading to a final battle that resulted in the deaths of Sabretooth, the clones, and Sinister.[16]


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