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Hulk Vs.
(January 27, 2009)


Weapon X was a military-government program ran by The Professor; its main goal was turning Mutants into weapons at their disposal.

Weapon X also formed its own private security force and a black-ops unit called Team X.

This group had been experimenting on mutants to enhance their powers and abilities through cloning and surgery. They're also known in bonding Adamantium on Wolverine, which made his claws sharper and stronger.[1]

After Wolverine had escaped from Weapon X due to his memory being erased, Weapon X had recouped their losses and recruited Lady Deathstrike into Team X.[1]

Weeks later, Weapon X had sent Team X to capture the Hulk but was unable to do so,forcing them to rely on Wolverine, agent of Department H to do the job for them. Taking opportunity, they captured Wolverine and Hulk at the same time and took them to the Weapon X Facility in order for The Professor to convert them into weapons at their disposal.[1]

But the Hulk and Wolverine had escaped, took down Team X and destroyed the base while fighting each other.[1]

For some time later, Vision had attacked the Weapon X Facility to obtain pure Adamantium for his master Ultron despite facing heavy resistance from Weapon X's security forces sent by The Professor.[2]


Equipment: Advanced genetic technology and military hardware
Transportation: Various types of vehicles
Weapons: Various types of conventional and plasma weapons

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